Conversational clienteling

Mobile conversations that drive sales

Stop sending customers to chatbots that don’t work. Give a live white glove experience to the clients that matter.

Talk to Sales

Build and customize your branded sales concierge

A beautiful mobile experience

Sendbird’s mobile-native chat gives clients a delightful experience completely integrated into your app.

Conversations that don’t expire

Unlike every SaaS tool, our conversations don’t time out or expire, so you can have an open and active dialog with your buyer.

Integration for in-depth customer insight

Integrate conversations into your CRM so you know who’s who and can provide the right level of service.

Integrations for deeper customer insight

Develop a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences by integrating in-app conversations with your existing CRM and data lake. Connect to third party analytics tools to improve targeting and see which conversations or associates drive conversions.

1mg wows customers and drives more revenue

With Sendbird, 1mg has been able to move from a phone based customer support center to a digital customer support center based on chat. 1mg agents use chat to assist customers with prescription refills, making drug recommendations, and resolving drug delivery issues. With chat, 1mg agents are more productive, and have converted the customer support channel to drive revenue through value added upsells and cross-sells.

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