Direct messages & group chats

Let your users connect anywhere, anytime

Build an engaged social community among your user base with chat, voice, and video.

Talk to Sales

Personal connections

Connect users with an easy, fun, emotive in-app chat.

Ongoing conversations

Let users pick up conversations from where they left off.

Rich media & actions

Power a variety of actions quickly - such as attachments, reactions, and transactions within chat.

Everything is better with conversations

Power 1:1 conversations between drivers and riders, buyers and sellers, doctors and patients, or users wanting to send money to one another. Message users in group chats to socially connect and build community. Communicate with large-scale channels to bring thousands of users together. No matter the scenario, conversations make your app more engaging.

Customize the experience you want

Make the experience look exactly how you want it to be - colors, fonts, icons, and bevels included. Build powerful workflows by integrating messaging with your CRM, payments back-end, or any tool that is relevant for your business.

Lead with trust and safety

Keep conversations safe and fun with industry leading chat moderation. Give users tools to block and report bad actors. Let users converse with one another in their preferred language with translation tools.

Solutions for every industry


Be it ride sharing or delivery, prevent booking cancellations and missteps through always-on communication between your customers.


Connect buyers and sellers and drive more transactions. Integrate chat with your shopping cart, payment system, reviews platform and more.


Turn payments into a social experience and increase transactions and retention in your app.

Social & communities

Increase engagement and retention in your community with topic based group chats.


Keep users engaged in-game longer with a unified chat experience. Connect gamers to the rest of the community with 1-on-1 messaging and group chats.

Live streaming

Create a digital stadium for your audience and let fans connect and celebrate in real-time. Engage buyers in live commerce streams to drive more sales.

Digital connections drive real results

With over 144 million listings on its peer-to-peer marketplace, Carousell uses Sendbird to connect buyers to its growing supply-side. By replacing its in-house messaging with Sendbird, Carousell frees its engineers to spend time perfecting the product experience.

Read Carousell case study

“Sendbird is an important partner for Carousell, and they power Carousell’s core transaction flows by providing a fast and reliable chat service between our buyers and sellers.”

Victor Neo, Director of Engineering at Carousell
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