Chat, Voice, and Video to connect your on-demand business

A perfect on-demand post-purchase experience is seamless. When logistics don't go as planned, connect your users with service providers and customer support with in-app chat, voice, and video.



Connect all sides of your on-demand marketplace. With chat available to your supply-chain, your marketplace is coordinated, transparent, and built on human connection – meaning fewer cancellations.



With messaging, custom data, and notifications, your on-demand marketplace can retain more users and unlock their value over more transactions. In-app messaging helps grow transactions so you can scale your on-demand marketplace.



Users love messaging. In fact, 76% of the world’s population was a monthly active user of a messenger app in 2018. Now you can increase high-value user engagements by adding to your app all the essential messaging features that users love.

In-app Communication At the Speed of On-demand

Sendbird gives your marketplace the tools to deliver a premium messaging experience so you can create an engaging and transparent booking and delivery experience that will maximize the value of your users. That’s why the most successful global on-demand businesses, like Woowabros and GoGoVan, use Sendbird.

No matter the difficulty, from order to delivery, Sendbird enables your marketplace users to stay connected and informed. Integrate custom data to share locations, maps, and delivery status directly in chat. Or simply send a quick update. Then use conversation insights to improve user experiences. With Sendbird’s interaction capabilities inside your app, stay on top of unexpected changes.

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iFood added in-app chat to improve communication between delivery drivers and customers.

Connect with customers at every step of their journey

Proactively coordinate every side of your on-demand marketplace

When things don’t go perfectly, chat and voice ensures users are connected and coordinated. Connect vendor, customer, driver, and support with Sendbird’s interaction capabilities across any platform.

  • Chat across any platform

    Sync messaging and real-time data across platforms ∙ Message across all your marketplace apps ∙ Multiple push notification certificates

  • Connect two or more users in real-time

    1 on1 messaging and group chat ∙ Typing indicators ∙ Read receipts ∙ Announcement messages to targeted channels

  • Messaging at any scale

    Scale over 1 million concurrent chat connections and 500 million messages per day per app

Communicate with customers from cart to doorstep, and beyond

With custom notifications and communication data, you can optimize the best booking and delivery experience for your users and foster loyalty on your platform.

  • Enrich communication between supply and demand

    Custom data helps you optimize operations and communication ∙ Suggest messages ∙ Share locations or delivery updates

  • Successful communication

    Push notifications ∙ Custom notifications ∙ Other real-time features with Webhooks

  • Privacy and security first

    HIPAA and HITECH ∙ ISO27001 ∙ GDPR

That familiar messenger app experience in your app

Building a great messaging experience requires a lot of effort. Sendbird’s SDKs give you the tools to effortlessly implement a messaging platform your users know and love.

  • Engaging media

    Images, video and audio automatically rendered into a viewable thumbnail

  • Compelling and safe brand experiences

    Chat moderation ∙ Automatic profanity and image filtering ∙ User-to-user blocking ∙ Spam protection ∙ Message throttling

  • Message your users directly in your app

    White-label integration means that a premium messaging experience is in your app

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