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Elevate your digital customer experience with in-app conversations

Turn a financial transaction into a lasting relationship.

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Build trust
Build trust
Build trust with added context around payments

Add important context to transaction history with the profile of who was paid along with a short chat around the purpose of payment.

Provide immediate responses
Provide immediate responses
Provide immediate responses to customer inquiries

Answer customer questions right where the payment transaction happens. Make it easier and faster for consumers to seek the support they need when they need it.

Extend your service
Extend your service
Extend your services to engage in a more convenient way

Offer personalized financial advisory sessions that are scheduled and conducted within your application to provide a safe, convenient and contactless alternative to meeting at a physical location.

Boost transactions with social interactions

PicPay uses Sendbird to embed a social engagement layer for users of its mobile payments app. PicPay found that the network effects from its social experience increased the number of transactions and average spending.

“We’ve always believed a lot in the power of social interaction. From the beginning, we didn’t want Picpay to become a tool that people only use when they need to do something very specific, like transfer money. It was necessary to generate engagement.”

Anderson Chamon, Co-founder of PicPay

Secure in-app communication for trusted customer relationships

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Identity-based transactions
User-to-user chat
Business-to-user chat
Helpful notifications
Customer support
Advisory services

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