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Send marketing messages that convert

Engage users when they’re most receptive to marketing messages.

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Marketing auth
Marketing auth
Authenticated and secure mobile marketing

Engage users with in-app marketing messages that are authenticated and more secure than SMS or email.

Marketin persistent
Marketin persistent
Persistent, engaging, & on-brand

Maintain a persistent message history and drive higher open rates in your app’s mobile inbox, which can be accessed by users at any time.

Marketin connect
Marketin connect
Connect with marketing platforms

Integrate with third-party marketing automation platforms to amplify the reach and effectiveness of your marketing messages.

Send marketing comms over push notifications, in-app messages, and a mobile inbox

Build on-brand mobile marketing campaigns by sending important communications via push notifications, in-app messaging, and your app’s mobile inbox. Engage users as they start using your app, and nurture their journey with promotional offers to encourage specific actions and purchases.

Your app’s mobile inbox for higher engagement with marketing messages.

Integrate with leading marketing platforms

Integrate with third-party mobile marketing platforms and set up engaging campaigns that can reach all segments of your app users at once. Then, track which messages were clicked on and which had the highest open rates.

Sendbird offers connectors to integrate with leading mobile marketing platforms.

Marketing slide1
Marketing slide1

Seamlessly transition from mobile marketing messages to sales conversations

Go beyond one-way in-app marketing by opening bi-directional channels, wherein buyer-seller conversations strengthened with rich media yield higher conversions. Engage with customers in the moments that matter to build relationships and drive conversions.

Make every customer experience on-brand


Send news, updates, promotional offers, and in-app discounts that can increase customer lifetime value.

Financial services

Engage with customers at every step of their financial journeys with personalized recommendations.


Offer appointment or medication reminders, updates about changes to in-network providers, or preventative health news that keeps patients informed.

Travel & hospitality

Create engaging experiences that accompany people at every step of their journey - from bookings and travel reminders, to check-in, recommendations during stay, and beyond.


Boost reachable customers by leveraging in-app marketing and drive more purchases.

Media & entertainment

Offer in-app messages that connect users with the content and events they love.

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