Operational messages

Protect your users with in-app messages

SMS is expensive, email is rife with phishing & push notifications
get dismissed. Meet in-app messages.

Talk to Sales

Secure and reliable

Deliver in-app messages for status updates or confirmations that are secure and reliable.

Contextual to your app

Send personalized messages and real-time alerts in response to actions inside your app.

Give customers a unified inbox

Unlike push notifications that get dismissed, or SMS which is outside of your app, in-app messages can persist inside of an inbox for action later.

Keep customers informed every step of the way

Financial services

Build customer trust and loyalty by delivering secure, timely messages such as payment confirmations or account alerts.


Provide peace of mind for shoppers with high-priority information such as transaction receipts and shipping status updates.


Increase patient engagement through high-touch, personalized notifications for appointments, prescription pickup, and more.

Travel & hospitality

Increase customer satisfaction and give peace of mind by pushing check-in alerts and itinerary changes.

On-demand services

Reduce order cancellations with real-time updates on order status, driver location, and delivery timing.

Media & entertainment

Drive user retention through custom, scheduled alerts and reminders based on behavior.

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