Engage fans on your live stream with live chat

Create a digital equivalent of a stadium and give your audience the experience to interact, celebrate, and mourn together at every goal, shot, basket or whistle.

Don't just engage your audience. Captivate them

Your audience loves to share live experiences with friends and fans in real-time – often on social media platforms competing for fan attention. Live chat gives you the toolkit to draw in and preserve active audience engagement on your platform.

Build a virtual stadium and amplify your fan's engagement

Leverage messaging data to optimize and understand audience engagement. Whether audiences interact live with influencers, react to events with rich media, read in-chat analysis, or play in-chat games, your platform will be the virtual stadium where fans love to go.

Open a new channel to talk and listen to your audience

Chat opens a direct channel to interact with your viewers. From targetted commerce to subscription conversion – support your monetization strategy with messaging and sentiment data.

Turn your viewers into active participants with live chat

With the most scalable chat API in the world, Sendbird provides the fully-managed server infrastructure, public and group chats that can scale to your viewership. That’s why companies like Reddit and Nexon build chat with Sendbird.

Build a stadium-like experience in your live streaming app with announcement messages, live interactions, games, and giveaways. Like TMON, achieve 21% sales conversion by creating commerce opportunities directly in your chat as your video streams.

Talk to an expert

As eSports continue to grow, Nexon uses Sendbird’s live chat to engage thousands of viewers at once and to gamify audience interaction on its web and mobile streaming apps. Since partnering with Sendbird, Nexon has seen 150% growth in quality user engagement.

Live interactions, so viewers become participants

In-app interactions for your live stream

Using our SDK and API, you can personalize your chat’s brand experience on mobile or web and directly engage your audience through chat on your live-streaming video platform.

  • Draw your audience back in

    Push- and custom-notifications

  • Fully customizable

    Flexible API and webhooks to customize your platform’s chat experience

  • Sync real time data across all platforms

    iOS ∙ Android ∙ JavaScript ∙ React Native ∙ .NET

Create stadium-quality interactions

Mascots launching t-shirts, giveaways, half-time shows – stadiums engage live audiences in countless ways. Bring the same potential to your live stream and engage your captive audience at home.

  • Gamify engagement or inject your chat with live analysis

    Custom data to display any data in the chat stream ∙ Announcement messages ∙ Rich media support for videos, images, audio, gifs

  • Proactively protect your chat community

    Automatic and manual moderation tools maintain the integrity of your chat and brand

  • Audience to influencer interaction

    Multiple account roles allow you to host influencers safely to direct the conversation

Chat and data that converts

A star player makes a buzzer beating 3 pointer. Your chat goes wild and you offer their jersey for sale. That’s live commerce. “Listen” to audience chatter and reaction when it happens with messaging data. Then use it to personalize commerce or conversion.

  • Messaging data

    With messaging data, you know what your viewers are talking about and when they talk about it

  • Chat that converts subscribers

    Use chat to nudge conversion – send live video clips or real-time nudges to chat

  • Commerce - 6x sales conversion

    Chat helped TMON achieve an astounding sales conversion with live commerce

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