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  • Free trial
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  • MAUs Monthly Active Chat Users
    Up to 100
  • Peak concurrent connections
    Up to 10
  • Soft caps on MAUs & peak concurrent connections
  • Messages/month Number of messages sent per month
  • Message storage This metric indicates the number of messages that can be stored on Sendbird servers. Please note messages will be retained for a period of six months. Extended message retention is available on Enterprise plan.
  • Message retention
    6 months
  • Multiple apps under one organization Create and manage multiple independent apps in your account.
Modern Messaging Essentials
  • Private 1-to-1 chat 1-to-1 chat for private conversations.
  • Group channel Power private group chat for 100 members in a channel (300 members in dedicated instances).
  • Open channel with dynamic partitioning Power public chats with millions of participants in a single channel.
  • Supergroup channel Super scale private group chats to tens of thousands of participants while keeping the enriched experience of standard size private groups.
  • UIKit A set of rich, pre-built UI components to create a modern in-app messaging experience in minutes.
  • Typing indicators Let your users see when another user is typing and keep the conversation going.
  • Delivery receipts Let message sender know that the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient.
  • Read receipts Let your users know when their messages have been read.
  • Presence Use online presence indicators to show which users are online and which are not.
  • Reactions Let your users react to messages with emoji based reactions.
  • Mentions Give your users the ability to mention other users in the channel, or the entire channel to draw attention to the message.
  • Unread message count Display the number of unread message counts in a channel to bring the user back into the conversation.
  • Push notifications Notify users with a push notification when a new chat message is received.
  • Share files and multimedia Give your users the ability to express themselves with images, audio, and video. Share custom file types too.
  • Structured messages Build capabilties to display offers in the chat interface with structured message templates.
  • Auto-thumbnail generator Automatically generate thumbnails for media files in the chat thread.
Advanced Messaging
  • Offline messaging Let your users access messages and queue new messages to be sent even if the user is offline or in unstable network conditions.
  • Smart throttling Adjust the number of messages displayed in a group chat to adjust the pace of the conversation.
  • Do-not-disturb push Let your users apply do-not-disturb status and prevent them from receiving push notifications for new messages.
  • Meta-array API Give your developers the ability to add custom meta data to messages and build functionalities like polls, reactions, and more.
  • Message threading Create threads in group chats and make conversations easier to follow.
  • Message search Build message search capabilities in in-app chat.
  • User and channel search Let your users search for other users and channels.
  • Announcements Deliver high context in-app announcement messages to thousands of users and channels at the same time.
  • Pinned messages Save important information in a channel.
  • Scheduled messages Let users and administrators define the message's date and time of delivery.
  • Polls Let users, moderators, and administrators send questionnaires in group chats.
  • Auto message translation Translate messages received to your user's preferred language.
  • On-demand translation Give your users the ability to translate a message to their preferred language on-demand.
  • Push translation Translate push notifications automatically to the user's preferred language.
  • User reporting API Let users report other users in your chat application.
  • User-to-user blocking Give users the ability to block one another at a user level.
  • Mute user Give your chat moderators the ability to mute users.
  • Moderation dashboard Allow moderators to moderate message content and users from the convenience of a dashboard.
  • Freeze channel Freeze the channel and prevent users from sending any messages to each other.
  • Auto-image moderation Automatically detect messages with toxic images and filter them out.
  • Profanity filter Filter messages with profane content to keep conversations safe.
  • Rule engine Automate content moderation with pre-defined rules.
  • Review queue Centralize complex and ambiguous content only moderators can handle.
  • Moderation logs Keep detailed records of moderated events for training, rule enhancement, and compliance.
  • Hive moderation Use Hive, the leader in AI moderation to automate detection and flag unsafe content.
Data and Analytics
  • Analytics dashboard Monitor chat metrics and see how chat is being adopted in your application.
  • Advanced analytics Analyze user behavior through metrics on channels, messages, and users through nine metrics.
  • Message retrieval API
  • Data export Export chat data at preset times to run analytics and build machine learning datasets.
  • Chatbot interface Allow your chatbot to send and receive messages and assist with customer support, product recommendations and more.
  • Post-event webhooks Capture event information from your application's chat and use it to build custom notification services, CRM and support desk integrations and more.
  • Push notifications tester Set up, send, and debug mobile push notifications deliveries from the Sendbird Dashboard.
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • File encryption Files sent in messages are encrypted using AES256 encryption.
  • GDPR API A RESTful API to provide access and delete capabilities for consumer requests as delineated by GDPR regulations.
  • IP whitelisting Give developers the ability to make calls to Sendbird Chat API from an allowed list of IPs.
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR
  • HIPAA w/ BAA
  • Choose your AWS region Choose from 8 global regions - Oregon (USA), North Virginia (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Mumbai (India), Seoul (South Korea), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan), and Sydney (Australia)
  • Private dedicated servers Spin up private dedicated instances for powering chat on any existing AWS region (except for in China).
  • Private status page
  • Public static IP Give your developers the ability to whitelist Sendbird servers.
  • Recommended support plan
  • Community support
  • Ticket support availability
  • Guaranteed response time
  • API status page
  • Emergency hotline
  • Slack support
  • Customer success manager
  • Onboarding package
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