Messaging SDK and Chat API to Fit Your Scale | SendBird Pricing

Create a custom plan to fit your scale

  • Free

    • 3 months message retention
    • 1,000 MAU limit
    • 25 peak connections limit
    • 5GB storage and traffic
    • 5MB file size limit
  • Custom

    • All the core features plus...
    • Custom premium feature packages
    • Control your usage limits
    • Upgrade your support

Chat & messaging

1-on-1 messaging
Group channels
Open channels
Push notifications & multiple certificates
Typing indicators
Send & receive structured media
Chat history
Read receipts
User-to-user blocking
Auto-thumbnail generation
Auto translation
Share encrypted files
Chatbot interface

Moderation & data

Chat analytics
Cross-platform sync
Profanity filters
High-availability servers
Smart throttling
Moderation tools
Spam flood protection
Message retrieval API
Data export feature & API
Migration API & support

Live support chat software

Agent & ticket management
Customer ticket history
Real-time monitoring
Ticket transfer
Best effort response time
Priority response time
Service-level agreements
Custom priority feature support
Custom integration support
Invoice billing

Commonly asked questions

  • How is MAU calculated? How are Peak Connections calculated?

    A Monthly Active User (MAU) is counted as an active user when they connect to SendBird servers by using the Client SDK from your application, within the past 30 days. Peak Connection is counted as the number of concurrently connected devices. Please note that this counts devices, not users. If a user connects to SendBird from two devices, this counts as 2 concurrent connections. For more information, visit our Help Center.
  • When should I upgrade from the Free Plan to a Custom Plan?

    Generally, there are three cases where customers would wish to upgrade their plan.
    1. You have received an email alerting you that you have exceeded your Free Plan limits.
    2. You would like to start using Premium Features right away.
    3. You would like faster technical support response time.
    For more information, visit our Help Center.
  • What happens if my app exceeds the Free Plan limits of 1000 MAU or 25 Peak Connections?

    We do not limit your connections immediately. However, when your app does hit the 1000 MAU / 25 Peak Connection ceiling, we will send an email (to the address you use to log in to the SendBird Dashboard) alerting you to upgrade your plan. If you do not contact us within three days, your users will not be able to login until you upgrade.
  • Is my payment information stored securely?

    We do not store your payment information. We use Stripe ( They adhere to highly secure and strict privacy standards for processing payment. So, your information is in good hands.