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Starter 5K

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/ month
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Starter includes:

  • Modern messaging essentials
  • Basic moderation
  • Ticketed support

Pro 5K

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Pro includes all Starter features and:

  • Message translation
  • Advanced moderation & filters
  • Ticketed support


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Enterprise includes all Pro features and:

  • Data export
  • Option for dedicated servers
  • Priority support

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Peak concurrent connections
2% of MAU*
2% of MAU*
2% of MAU*

Monthly Active Chat Users

Up to 100,000
Up to 100,000

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Message storage

Number of messages stored on Sendbird servers


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Commonly asked questions

How is MAU calculated?
A Monthly Active User (MAU) is counted as an active user when they connect to SendBird servers by using the Client SDK from your application, within the past 30 days. For more information, visit our Help Center.
What is the difference between Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans?
The Starter plan is designed to get you started quickly with messaging essentials, basic moderation and analytics capabilities. With SendBird UIKit, you can build chat in your app in less than 15 minutes. The Pro plan is designed to help you utilize our latest features such as message search, message translation, auto-moderation, webhooks and many more on top of the Starter pack, and help you create a best-of-breed chat experience for your users. The Enterprise plan comprises of all features in Pro and is best suited for companies that have large MAUs, and need extra security, compliance, and support.
What happens if I hit my MAU limit?
We will inform you before you are getting close to hitting your MAU limit. After you hit your MAU limit, you will be charged an overage fee. When nearing MAU limits, it's recommended you upgrade to the next MAU tier to get better discounts.
How do I purchase higher levels of support?
You can purchase higher levels of support from within the SendBird dashboard.
What other limits do I need to be aware of?
You need to be aware of your Peak Concurrent Connections limits. Peak Concurrent Connections are counted as the highest number of concurrently connected devices to the SendBird servers at any given moment during the month. Your Peak Concurrent Connections are capped at 2% of your MAU limit. After you hit the Peak Concurrent Connections limit, you will be charged an overage fee.
Is every feature automatically included in the enterprise plan?
Most but not all features are included with the base price of the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan gives customers the ability to purchase certain additional features, such as Data Export, not available to customers of the Starter and Pro plans. It also allows for higher monthly active user limits than 100,000, as well as the ability to purchase higher levels of support beyond L1. Please talk to your sales representative to learn more about pricing for different features for the enterprise plan.
Do the prices listed on the pricing page include tax?
Tax is not included in the prices listed on the pricing page. Tax will be included in your billing receipts.
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