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100 MAU 10 peak concurrent connections

Developer includes:

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  • Community support

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Starter includes:

  • Modern messaging essentials
  • Basic moderation
  • Ticketed support

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Pro includes all Starter features and:

  • Message translation
  • Advanced moderation & filters
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  • Data export
  • Option for dedicated servers
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Monthly Active Chat Users

Up to 100
Up to 100,000
Up to 100,000
Peak concurrent connections
Up to 10
5% of MAU*
5% of MAU*
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Soft caps on MAUs & peak concurrent connections

Number of messages sent per month

Message storage

This metric indicates the number of messages that can be stored on Sendbird servers. Please note messages will be retained for a period of six months. Extended message retention is available on Enterprise plan.

Multiple apps under one organization

Create and manage multiple independent apps in your account.

* Overages may apply
$ Available as an Add-on

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Commonly asked questions

How is MAU calculated?

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is counted as an active user when they connect to Sendbird servers by using the Client SDK from your application, within the past 30 days. For more information, visit our FAQ.

What is the difference between Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans?

The Starter plan is designed to get you started quickly with messaging essentials, basic moderation and analytics capabilities. With SendBird UIKit, you can build chat in your app in less than 15 minutes. The Pro plan is designed to help you utilize our latest features such as message search, message translation, auto-moderation, webhooks and many more on top of the Starter pack, and help you create a best-of-breed chat experience for your users. The Enterprise plan comprises of all features in Pro and is best suited for companies that have large MAUs, and need extra security, compliance, and support.

What happens if I hit my MAU limit?

We will inform you before you are getting close to hitting your MAU limit. After you hit your MAU limit, you will be charged an overage fee. When nearing MAU limits, it's recommended you upgrade to the next MAU tier to get better discounts.

How do I purchase higher levels of support?
You can purchase higher levels of support from within the Sendbird dashboard.
What other limits do I need to be aware of?

You need to be aware of your Peak Concurrent Connections (PC) limit. Peak Concurrent Connections are counted as the highest number of concurrently connected devices to the Sendbird Chat servers during a month. Please note this counts devices, not users - if a user connects to Sendbird Chat from two devices, this counts as 2 concurrent connections. This also includes when the users connect from a website and the tab is still open. We recommend connecting the user only when it is needed.

For the organization that has multiple applications, the Peak Concurrent Connections of the organization for each month is calculated as the aggregated sum of each application’s peak concurrent connections. For example, let's say Acme corp has 2 applications. Acme corp’s peak concurrent connections for the first application is 23 on the 7th of July, and that of the second application is 50 on the 23rd of July. In this case, Acme corp’s peak concurrent connections in July will be 73.

For Starter and Pro packages, your Peak Concurrent Connections are capped at 5% of your MAU limit.

Is every feature automatically included in the enterprise plan?

Most but not all features are included with the base price of the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan gives customers the ability to purchase certain additional features, such as Data Export, not available to customers of the Starter and Pro plans. It also allows for higher monthly active user limits than 100,000, as well as the ability to purchase higher levels of support beyond L1. Please talk to your sales representative to learn more about pricing for different features for the enterprise plan.

Do the prices listed on the pricing page include tax?

Tax is not included in the prices listed on the pricing page. Tax will be included in your billing receipts.

What's Sendbird pricing for Starter and Pro plans?

Latest Sendbird pricing (June, 2021)

5K MAU$399$599
10K MAU$499$749
25K MAU$1,199$1,799
50K MAUTalk to SalesTalk to Sales
100k MAUTalk to SalesTalk to Sales
Is the Sendbird Developer plan free forever?

Yes, the Developer plan is free and remains active as long as you log into the Sendbird dashboard once a year.

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Rate per minute per user*

Peer-to-peer price
Server-relayed price


Rate per minute per user*

Peer-to-peer price
Server-relayed price


Calling essentials
Private 1-to-1 calls

1-to-1 voice or video calls for private conversations.

Notifications for incoming calls

Let your users receive and customize incoming calls notifications and give them the ability to choose their ringtones and UI elements.

Mobile push notifications

Enable your users to receive push notifications on iOS and Android devices.

Multi-device support

Let your users receive calls on any of their logged-in devices.

X-platform support

Build apps with SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript.

Video mirroring

Let your users see themselves in a mirrored view during video calls.

Camera switching

Allow your users to switch between the front and the rear cameras during a call.

Audio output selection

Allow your users to play audio through their phone’s earpiece, speakerphone, headphone jack, or a bluetooth device.


Reconnect users automatically after an interrupted call as soon as the network conditions improve.

Call muting

Let your users mute themselves during a call.

Call history

Provide access to call history on the sample app, Sendbird dashboard, and via the Sendbird Calls SDKs.

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Commonly asked questions

What is a Voucher?
A voucher is a set of credits with an expiration date. It can be any size over a value of $1.00 US.
What is a Credit?
A credit is a pre-paid monetary equivalent that is held in a Sendbird account and can be consumed by using the Sendbird Calls service. The standard price of a credit is $1.00 US, however volume discounts apply. The rate at which you use credits depends on the type of call the users make: voice or video, and peer-to-peer or server-relayed calls.
What happens if I run out of credits or they expire?
Sendbird Calls uses a prepaid model. You need a positive account at all times for calls to operate. To avoid interruption of service, Sendbird notifies you on your dashboard and email account before your credits expire at the end of a billing cycle or when you have used 80% of your available credits.
How do I automate the billing process?
If you would like to automate the renewal of your voucher, you can set automatic billing from your dashboard. With auto-recharge on, unused credits will rollover unless the new credit voucher you buy is smaller.

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