In-App Messaging for Marketplaces | Drive More Transactions

Drive more transactions with buyer to seller messaging

Real-time messaging connects your marketplace's buyers, sellers, and service providers, so it can inform and engage them to transact quickly

Connect your buyers and sellers conveniently

Develop an engaged network of supply and demand. Connect buyers and sellers in your app with real-time messaging so they can engage when it matters most.

Build trust across your marketplace

The sooner a user trusts, the sooner they transact. Create engaging human connections so you ensure the best and most trusted user experience while consumers learn about products, services, and people.

Drive more opportunity by succesfully closing the loop

Completed communication between buyers, sellers, and service providers creates the best opportunity to convert. Use notifications to keep the conversation moving, so users stay connected and never miss an opportunity to transact.

Focus on your marketplace. We'll take care of in-app messaging

SendBird's messaging platform enables you to connect both supply and demand throughout your marketplace app so they can engage at the right time. That's why global marketplaces like Dubizzle (OLX), Yell, and SSG power their messaging with SendBird.

Create and customize high-conversion messaging experiences with SendBird's SDKs, API, and infrastructure. Connect users across multiple apps on any platform, mobile or web. Then as your marketplace flywheel spins, as your conversations and liquidity flow, SendBird will help you keep up the momentum. Scale beyond a million buyers and sellers connected at once. Keep the conversation moving with push and custom notifications. Engage users with video, images, or audio in automatically generated thumbnails - and more.

Talk to an expert

With over 144 million listings on its peer-to-peer marketplace, Carousell uses SendBird to connect buyers to its growing supply-side. By replacing its in-house messaging with SendBird, Carousell frees its engineers to spend time perfecting the product experience.

Messaging built for Marketplaces

Connect supply and demand across multiple apps

By providing a premium in-app messaging experience, your marketplace will captivate more users and convert them with less friction.

Support for multiple applications

Message across multiple apps ∙ Multiple push certificates ∙ Sync real-time data across platforms

World’s most scalable chat infrastructure

Start over a 100 million conversations per day per app

On any platform

iOS ∙ Android ∙ JavaScript ∙ React Native

Trust built on digital and human connection

From features to compliance, SendBird is committed to safety, privacy, and security. SendBird offers both manual and automated moderation tools to protect your brand and marketplace.

Moderate the conversation

User to user blocking ∙ Ban ∙ Mute ∙ Freeze bad actors ∙ Protection for your brand

Effortlessly protect your users

Automated image and profanity filtering ∙ Spam flood protection ∙ TLS/AES encryption

Privacy and security first

HIPAA and HITECH ∙ ISO27001 ∙ EU-US Privacy Shield ∙ GDPR

Ensure successful communication at scale

Great marketplaces encourage users to respond to messages and inquiries. Keep conversations moving toward transaction.

Never a miss message

Push-notifications ∙ Typing indicators ∙ Read receipts

Build and customize features

Webhooks to build custom notifications or real-time features

Reach groups of people at once

Announcement messages