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The best chat API for chat messaging apps

Drive higher engagement, more transactions, and better business outcomes with the most feature-rich, customizable, and scalable in-app chat messaging platform for web and mobile apps.

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The most featured chat API platform

Our chat API service lets you build in-app chat messaging with all the features of a modern messenger without sacrificing control over your data or user experience.

Integrate our chat API in minutes

Get to market fast and build a custom messaging app with the best chat API, native chat SDKs, and chat UIKits for Android, iOS, JavaScript, Flutter, React Native, React, .Net, Unity, and more.

The #1 Chat API for Enterprise to drive real results

The most scalable chat API connecting over 330 million users monthly

Power messaging for millions of users and thousands of customers on our highly scalable infrastructure, built for security and reliability and certified by leading compliance standards.

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A chat API to build the experience your users will love

A chat API, SDKs, and UI kits created for developers

Developers of the world’s leading companies are building next-generation interactions with the Sendbird chat API.

We believe it should be easy to build messaging into your app, which is why our chat API works right out of the box with clear instructions for ease of use — that’s why more developers prefer the Sendbird API.

Build in-app chat for free

Start with our free Chat plan tailored to developer’s experimental needs.

No code dashboard setup

Create and test your chatbots and messaging in minutes.

Low code chat API integration

Revamp your chatbot experience with just a few lines of code.

High system usability scale

Developers rated Sendbird a 71.11 on the SUS scale (compared to Stream’s 56.67).

Developer resources

Learn how to implement Sendbird through our developer portal, which features tutorials, demos, and articles to get you started.

Onboard with ease

We’ve taken time to understand the developer onboarding experience through quantitative and qualitative benchmarking.

Low completion time

Compared to competitors, developers can complete tasks and subtasks with ease, quickly.

Save time with our chat UI kits

Sendbird’s ready-to-ship chat UI Kits include pre-built UI components, sample apps, and a no-code dashboard feature configuration tool for React, iOS, Android, and React Native.

Our UI libraries are available for Sketch and Figma.

The most scalable and trusted chat API across industries & use cases