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The best business messaging platform

Empower Product, Operations, Support, and Engineering teams with software and API to message customers through your apps, SMS, mobile push, KakaoTalk, and WhatsApp.

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Reinvent mobile customer communication with an omnichannel messaging platform

Eliminate notification fatigue

Reduce message volume with an efficient omnichannel notification strategy that ensures your first messages get noticed.

Boost open rates & cut costs

Prioritize your most cost-efficient and highest performing channels like your app to minimize costs and maximize impact.

Reduce dev and ramp-up time

Slash operational ramp-up time with an intuitive messaging software and streamline deployment and maintenance through a developer-friendly platform.

Unify notifications under one messaging platform for all teams

Streamline omnichannel customer messaging on mobile for all teams with user-friendly software.

Product Product

Empower product managers with a customer messaging tool to announce product updates, engage users, and collect feedback to improve their experience.

Operations Operations

Send omnichannel service updates or new policies through an intuitive dashboard where you can build messages and campaigns effortlessly.

Support Support

Equip your support and customer experience teams with a dashboard that comprehensively views all customer communications and a notification tool to nurture relationships. 

Marketing Marketing

Craft effective campaigns quickly using an intuitive dashboard that offers rich analytics and deep user-level insights from your message center. Or enable your app to be a channel with our Braze and CleverTap integrations.

Learn how Porter saved 30% on SMS with Sendbird Business Messaging 

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"Sendbird has proven to be very helpful in significantly increasing notification engagement. We have been able to achieve higher conversions along with greater savings on our SMS communications. The successful integration of notification solutions into the system has seen a surge in our brand-to-user communications."  

Apurva Shetty

Apurva Shetty
Product Manager at Porter

Devise intelligent notification strategies

Enhance cost-efficiency, open rates, and conversions by prioritizing cost-effective and high-performing channels.

Create mobile notifications effortlessly

Design custom, media-rich mobile messages with our no-code notification builder.

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Select your mobile channel mix

Implement channel sequencing to reach customers on their preferred communication channel, maximizing delivery and open rates.

Select your mobile channel mix Select your mobile channel mix
Orchestrate channels and timing

Customize delivery rules to minimize message volume and costs while enhancing the customer experience.

Orchestrate channels and timing Orchestrate channels and timing

Multi-layered omnichannel messaging and notification analytics

With three layers of analytical insights, evaluate and streamline the best way to reach your users.

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General analytics
Message campaign analytics
User level insights

The best business messaging platform for developers

Use an abstracted, unified API to automate omnichannel system-based messages and embed message center into your iOS and Android apps with our single line of code UIkit integrations. Alternatively, create a custom message center in your app with our developer-friendly SDKs.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • JavaScript
  • Flutter
  • Platform API
            import UIKit
import SendbirdChatSDK

let initParams = InitParams(applicationId: "APP_ID", isLocalCachingEnabled: true)

SendbirdChat.initialize(params: initParams, migrationStartHandler: {},
	completionHandler: { error in
		FeedChannel.getChannel(url: "FEED_CHANNEL_URL") { channel, error in	
			self.collection = 
SendbirdChat.createNotificationCollection(channel: channel, startingPoint: 
Int64.max, params: params, delegate: self)


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