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The best omnichannel business messaging platform

Empower Product, Operations, Support, and Engineering teams with software and API to message customers through your apps, SMS, mobile push, and WhatsApp.

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Learn how Porter saved 30% on SMS with
Sendbird Business Messaging

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Business challenge

Porter faced challenges in effectively communicating with its driver-partner base, sending 10 million monthly messages that often went unread, leading to more customer support queries and higher costs.


"Sendbird has proven to be very helpful in significantly increasing engagement for notifications. We have been able to achieve higher conversions along with greater savings on our SMS communications. The successful integration of notification solutions into the system has seen a surge in our brand-to-user communications."

Apurva Shetty | Product Manager at Porter


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cost savings moving off SMS

One platform for all business messaging needs

Enhance cost-efficiency, open rates, and conversions by creating compelling notifications tailored for each relevant mobile channel, strategically orchestrated to lessen message volume per goal. 

Create mobile notifications effortlessly

Design media-rich, custom business messages for each mobile channel with our no-code notification builder.

Business Messaging Mobile Notifications Business Messaging Mobile Notifications
Select your mobile channel mix

Implement channel sequencing to reach customers on their preferred platforms, ensuring optimal deliverability and open rates.

Business Messaging Paid campaign Mobile apps png Business Messaging Paid campaign Mobile apps png
Orchestrate channels and timing

Customize delivery rules to maximize messaging effectiveness and improve the customer experience.

Business Messaging Paid campaign Channels Business Messaging Paid campaign Channels


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