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In-app chat support & AI customer service

Build an AI customer support experience directly within your app. Increase user satisfaction and agent productivity with our customizable chat API and an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box agent dashboard.

Sendbird desk

Differentiate your customer support experience

With Sendbird Desk, your developers can completely customize the chat support experience for your customers so they can get answers without leaving your app.

Customer service powered by generative AI 

Assist intelligently. With Sendbird's AI customer support.

Customer service generative ai
AI chatbot
AI response assistant
Expand response
Change tone to friendly

Create a customer service chatbot

Experience a conversation with our AI-powered knowledge chatbot.

Make chat agents more productive

Automatically route tickets, integrate chatbots, automate common answers, and monitor performance over an easy-to-use dashboard

Customer support Intuitive agent dashboard
Intuitive agent dashboard
Ticketing and automatic-routing
Proactive support
Real-time monitoring and reporting
Third-party extensions

Respond to customer questions on popular messaging apps

Provide seamless support to customers whether from your app or through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Img messaging apps
Desk 01 Desk 01

Boost CSAT with a frictionless live chat support experience

Virgin Mobile UAE completely replaced phone and email support with more modern chat-based support using Sendbird Desk.

Img Virgin Mobile Img Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile logo

“With Sendbird we provide a 100% digital customer support experience for our customers with native in-app chat based interactions. Our customers are more engaged and consistently give us a CSAT score of 5/5.”

Ozgur Gemici, Senior Manager at Virgin Mobile UAE

Develop and deliver in weeks, not months

Build customer support directly in your app to drive higher end user engagement. Sendbird Desk provides enterprise grade security, compliance and infrastructure to support millions of users concurrently around the globe. Our world class support teams are available to you 24/7. Get started by reviewing our developer resources.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • JavaScript
            // iOS

SBDSKTicket.createTicket(withTitle: TITLE, userName: USER_NAME) { (ticket, error) in
guard error == nil else {
    // Handle error.

// The ticket is created.
// The customer and agent can chat with each
// other by sending a message through the
// or
// sendFileMessage().

Feature-rich chat support widget with enterprise grade security

In-app chat support
Message Types
In-app chat essentials
Flexible developer tools
Advanced messaging
Multi-channel support
Customer service channels
Agent interface
Agent productivity
Ticketing and routing
Ticket management
Ticket automation
Proactive support
Admin dashboard
Performance Reporting
Admin Controls
Compliance & Security