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Better health starts with better conversations

Give virtual care a personal touch for happier, healthier patients.

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Accolade increases daily message count 215% with Sendbird

Personalized health provider surges care conversations between patients and doctors

Build personal experiences

Offer patients seamless care through HIPAA compliant in-app conversations that feel like messaging with a friend.

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Deliver patient-centric communication

Keep conversation context alive so patients can have a personalized experience and never have to repeat themselves.

Healthcare chat patient communication Healthcare chat patient communication
Engage providers and patients at every step of their journey

Deliver push notifications and alerts that proactively notify patients along the patient journey.

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Improve patient outcomes with mobile conversations

Be there for patients at every step of their healthcare journey with in-app conversations over messaging, voice, and video. Sendbird is the conversations platform that virtual care leaders like Accolade, Included Health, and Teladoc select to deliver personal care experiences.

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"Getting in-app messaging right is key for us to provide better engagement and personalized care. With Sendbird's developer-friendly chat API and SDK, we were quickly able to build a responsive and reliable messaging experience that our users love."

Hiren Bhavsar, Director of Product Management at Accolade

Deliver in-app care from anywhere

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Secure and engaging in-app conversations
Push notifications and in-app alerts
Webhooks for integrations
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“Sendbird already dedicated all of those resources to have all the features we could potentially hope for to offer a great chat experience to users. That's why we chose Sendbird.”

Ricardo Carvallo
, CEO and Founder at Curatech