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Meet your SmartAssistants

Customizable AI chatbots for every interaction


Create a SmartAssistant

Experience a conversation with our AI-powered knowledge chatbot.

  • Provide your email and a web link to the content you'd like your SmartAssistant to get knowledgeable about.
  • Check your email for a private link to your personalized demo.

Revolutionize your customer experience with GPT chatbots

Enhance engagement Enhance engagement
Enhance engagement

Transform customer interactions with personalized GPT chatbots who converse like humans, fostering emotional connections with your brand.

Boost Loyalty Boost Loyalty
Boost CSAT scores

Ensure every customer feels valued and heard with custom GPTs that never leave them hanging, building long-lasting relationships for your brand.

Increase operational efficiency Increase operational efficiency
Reduce cost

Reduce human intervention with GPT chatbots across your customer journey, from qualifying prospects to providing recommendations and support.

Bridge customer journey's gaps with engaging AI Chatbots

Engage your customers at every stage of their journey with fully custom, autonomous, and conversational GPT chatbots. 

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SmartAssistant for engagement
SmartAssistant for marketing
SmartAssistant for commerce
SmartAssistant for support

Build and deploy tailored GPT chatbots with no code

Effortlessly create your knowledge AI chatbot, provide it with content, and test it swiftly before deploying it to your chat app.

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Pre-integrated GPT Large Language Model
Chatbot configuration
AI prompt input
File and content URL ingestion
AI chatbot sandbox
Deploy AI chatbot in your app in a click

Educated answers and guided conversation paths

Increase control over your GPT Large Language Model (LLM) and let your chatbot retrieve valuable customer data.

Quick replies
Suggested replies
Scripted answers
Third-party data retrieval
AI conversation Logs

Swiftly embed chat with Sendbird's UIKit

Deploy custom GPT chatbots in rich, modern chat interfaces. 

Download the UIKit sample apps
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