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Build a custom chatbot using Claude AI

Create a superior custom AI chatbot using Claude Sonnet from Anthropic.

Claude hero devices mobile

Harness the power of the Anthropic Claude LLM

Anthropic’s Claude 3 Sonnet ranks among the top 5 global open-sourced LLMs according to the AI community platform Hugging Face.

Lightning-fast logic

Offers near-instant responses, ideal for live customer chats with Sonnet, Claude’s powerful model.

Optimize speed and performance Optimize speed and performance
Optimized cost to performance

Sendbird’s Claude 3 Sonnet integration is a cost-effective and scalable choice for businesses of any size.

Claude AI chatbot save on costs Claude AI chatbot save on costs
Artificial intelligence elevated

Boost your AI chatbot with enhanced response accuracy, vision capabilities, and long context prompt processing.

Gain insight Gain insight

Create a Claude-powered AI chatbots in minutes

Effortlessly launch custom AI chatbots across your web and mobile apps using Anthropic's latest Claude AI.

Claude AI chatbot fine tuning
Anthropic Claude 3 Sonnet pre-integrated
No code chatbot configuration
AI prompt engineering
AI chatbot tester
AI chatbot web & mobile integration

Streamline your AI chatbot interactions

Take control over your AI chatbot through defined workflows, scripted answers, and log reviews.

Suggested replies & scripted answers

Reduce typing with smart suggestions and bypass your AI for FAQs you have better answers for.

LLM suggested replies LLM suggested replies
Custom workflows

Boost CSAT with proven workflows that increase deflection rates and reduce resolution time.

LLM scripted answers LLM scripted answers
AI conversation logs & analytics

Monitor your chatbot's performance and answers to improve customer satisfaction.

LLM AI conversation logs LLM AI conversation logs

Low code API integration

Streamline system integrations with a developer-friendly AI chatbot API. 

  • Platform API
            const userIds: string[] = ['Sendbird', 'your_bot_id'];
await fetch('https://api-{application_id}', {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
        'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    body: JSON.stringify({
        bot_userid: 'your_bot_id',
        bot_nickname: 'Claude Helper Bot',
        is_privacy_mode: false,
        ai: {
            backend: 'claude',
            system_message: 'You are a helpful assistant',
            temperature: 0.7,
            max_tokens: 256,
            top_p: 0,
            presence_penalty: 0,
            frequency_penalty: 0
await channel.inviteWithUserIds(userIds);

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