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Llama 2 AI-powered Chatbot

Optimize privacy and performance with an open-source LLM.

LLMA 2 mb

Harness the power of an open-source large language model

Wheel Wheel
Optimize performance

Fine-tune your model for enhanced performance & efficiency.

Security Security
Enhance data security

Say goodbye to data leak concerns by keeping data on the Sendbird servers.

Best Best
Gain insight

Gain in-depth insights into your LLM architecture and training methodologies.

Deploy AI chatbots in minutes 

Effortlessly launch your fine-tuned and secure open-source AI chatbot across your web and mobile apps.

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AI chatbot fine-tuning
Chatbot configuration
AI prompt engineering
AI chatbot tester
Chat channels integration

Enhance control over your AI chatbot

Mitigate risks in well-defined interaction flows and with known, accurate responses.

Quick replies Quick replies
Suggested replies

Suggest pre-defined button responses to reduce typing and quickly guide the user.

Scripted responses Scripted responses
Scripted answers

Leverage your Large Language Model to identify common questions and deliver optimized responses tailored for accuracy and efficiency.

Bot logs Bot logs
AI conversation Logs

Enhance efficiency by saving top-performing responses from your AI chatbots as predefined answers for seamless future interactions.

No code dashboard setup 

Create, set up, and test your Llama 2-powered chatbots in minutes directly from the dashboard.

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Low code API integration

Revamp your chatbot experience entirely with just a few lines of code.

Smarter, conversational chatbots for any industry

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Build smarter financial advisors bots with AI that can leverage first-party data like transactions history, past conversations, and Customer Relationship Management information.

Icon health

Make mundane tasks like appointment scheduling and patient support more engaging, personalized, and efficient to increase customer satisfaction.

Icon marketplace

Transform your buyers' experience with generative AI-powered bots that understand their profile and journey to increase sales and boost loyalty.

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Free drivers from distracting customer communication with intelligent conversational AI while elevating the customers' experience with prompt and informative responses.

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