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AI chatbot powered by Solar LLM

Power your custom AI chatbots with Upstage's faster, cost-effective Solar LLM.

Solar LLM Hero devices

Build a custom AI chatbot with Upstage's Solar LLM

Upstage’s Solar LLM ranks among the best open-source LLMs according to the AI community platform Hugging Face.

Optimize speed and performance

Refine your LLM for peak performance & efficiency with the world's first 10.7 billion parameter model.

Optimize speed and performance Optimize speed and performance
Enhance response accuracy

Solar LLM mitigates AI hallucinations through unique dataset training across various industries.

Enhance response accuracy Enhance response accuracy
Gain insight

Gain in-depth insights into your LLM architecture & training methodologies.

Gain insight Gain insight

Deploy custom AI chatbots in minutes

Effortlessly launch your fine-tuned and secure open-source custom AI chatbot across your web and mobile apps.

Solar LLM AI chatbot fine tuning
AI chatbot fine-tuning
Chatbot configuration
AI prompt engineering
AI chatbot tester
Chat channels integration

Enhance control over your AI chatbot

Mitigate risks in well-defined interaction flows and with known, accurate responses.

Suggested replies

Suggest pre-defined button responses to reduce typing and quickly guide the user.

LLM suggested replies LLM suggested replies
Scripted answers

Leverage your Large Language Model to identify common questions and deliver optimized responses tailored for accuracy and efficiency.

LLM scripted answers LLM scripted answers
AI conversation logs

Enhance efficiency by saving top-performing responses from your AI chatbots as predefined answers for seamless future interactions.

LLM AI conversation logs LLM AI conversation logs

No code AI chatbot dashboard setup

Create, set up, and test your Solar-powered no-code AI chatbot directly from the dashboard in minutes.

Solar LLM no code setup

Low code API integration

Integrate Solar-powered chatbots to your website and mobile apps with a simple AI chatbot API and just a few lines of code. 

  • Platform API
            const userIds: string[] = ['Sendbird', 'your_bot_id'];
await fetch('https://api-{application_id}', {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
        'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    body: JSON.stringify({
        bot_userid: 'your_bot_id',
        bot_nickname: 'Solar Helper Bot',
        is_privacy_mode: false,
        ai: {
            backend: 'solar',
            system_message: 'You are a helpful assistant',
            temperature: 0.7,
            max_tokens: 256,
            top_p: 0,
            presence_penalty: 0,
            frequency_penalty: 0
await channel.inviteWithUserIds(userIds);

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