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AI customer
service tools

Deliver CX improvement with an AI customer service chatbotScale and streamline customer support with AI chatbot solutions.

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Transform customer service with AI

AI chatbot customer service CSAT AI chatbot customer service CSAT
Boost customer satisfaction

Enhance user experience by leveraging AI for customer service to deliver personalized, accurate, and 24/7 support.

Agent productivity ai chatbot Agent productivity ai chatbot
Improve agent productivity

Let AI customer support handle the routine, freeing up agents to focus on complex issues.

AI chatbot customer service reduce cost AI chatbot customer service reduce cost
Reduce cost

Lower support agent costs with AI tools for customer service and automation to ease agent workloads while maintaining service quality.

Sendbird's AI customer service capabilities

Our AI customer service capabilities revolutionize support systems by offering advanced, automated solutions. With AI-driven chatbots, instant query resolution, and seamless transition to live agents, it enhances customer interactions.

AI chatbot ecommerce mulilingual AI chatbot ecommerce mulilingual
Multilingual support

Break down language barriers for your business with an AI chatbot that can automatically adjust to speak multiple languages.

AI chatbot customer service automation AI chatbot customer service automation
Personalized customer service with AI

Deliver accurate, consistent support with AI chatbots that personalize interactions through data ingestion and prompt engineering.

AI chatbot customer service scalable support AI chatbot customer service scalable support
Scalable customer support

Leverage conversational AI to scale your customer service automation, accommodating spikes in demand without compromising response quality or speed.

Build a customer service AI chatbot
for your business


Boost client acquisition with AI banking bots for quick resolution of account and loan inquiries, ensuring efficiency and a seamless experience


Integrate an AI healthcare chatbot for efficient scheduling, medication reminders, and health insights, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

On-demand services
On-demand services

Handle booking confirmations, service status updates, and customer feedback collection, improving service reliability and customer trust.


Deploy an AI chatbot to assist with listing inquiries, order disputes, and transactions, fostering a trustworthy and efficient marketplace environment.

Hospitality and travel
Travel and hospitality

Offer tailored travel recommendations, booking assistance, and itinerary information to enrich the customer decision-making process and boost sales.

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Enhance education by using AI customer support for course enrollment, program info, and academic advice to streamline the learning experience.

Additional AI customer service solutions

Sendbird Support Chat
Salesforce Connector

Elevate your Salesforce live chat experience with Sendbird and improve efficiency with AI chatbots.

Sendbird Desk
Sendbird Desk

Boost CSAT with a support chat solution that streamlines AI chatbot deployment and agent management for better customer service.

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