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Chat support that SaaS can’t deliver

Provide a fully customized and integrated chat support experience within your app that meets the unique needs of your customers.

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Virgin Mobile logo
Virgin Mobile sees 26% increase in CSAT scores with Sendbird

Telecom giant's UAE business reimagines customer service with mobile-first support chat

Easily extensible

Integrate with home grown or third-party CRM or contact center solutions like Salesforce, Zendesk, or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Extensible tools Extensible tools

Provide an experience customers expect after using public messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Feature-rich solutions Feature-rich solutions
Modern, mobile-first approach

Get a tool designed from the ground up for mobile users.

Modern approach to messaging Modern approach to messaging

Seamlessly connect to your existing CS and CRM

Sendbird is built with flexibility to work with any CRM or contact center solution. Through our integration framework, Sendbird will create tickets in your existing solution from customer chat inquiries so that your agents can respond in real-time from an embedded Sendbird agent chat window.

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Sample Sendbird Chat integration with Salesforce Service Cloud

Use Sendbird as your all-in-one chat support solution

For customers looking for a complete help desk solution, Sendbird provides a modern, pre-built chat support agent and admin dashboard with Sendbird Desk, which comes pre-integrated with Sendbird Chat.

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Sendbird offers a pre-built support agent and admin dashboard

Rely on a proven in-app chat support solution that serves all industries


Provide smart and secure patient communication and care with HIPAA-compliant chat.

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Increase conversions by delivering support at the point of need such as in the checkout process.

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On-demand services

Reduce order cancellations with fast and real-time issue resolution when a ride or delivery goes wrong.

Img on demand Img on demand

Improve student engagement and outcomes with personalized support for students and teachers alike.

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Professional services

Boost customer satisfaction and trust by making connections in real time and in context with your expertise.

Img professional services Img professional services
Financial Services

Offer a faster and more convenient way for customers to ask questions or seek support with their financial account.

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Traveloka logo

“We started thinking about how we can build a better chat experience when [customers] communicate with customer service. Hence, we leveraged Sendbird to build this ideal chat that we had in mind…The chat we built upon Sendbird is the number one communication channel among all the channels that we provide to our users.”

Adi Alimin
, VP Platform Products at Traveloka