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Drive higher conversion and retention with buyer-seller conversations

Sendbird helps retailers connect buyers and sellers within the mobile app to increase conversions and engagement, while boosting retention with better support.

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For retailers, closing the gap between purchase intent and a completed transaction is crucial to business success

Increase transaction velocity

Real-time messaging connects buyers and sellers across multiple apps and platforms so they can engage and inform both supply and demand to transact more quickly.

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Deliver better experience

By using in-app chat, voice, & video as a cost-effective way to manage customer concerns, you keep customers loyal and deliver the brand experiences they expect.

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Boost user engagement

Pair in-app messaging with push notifications to nudge users back into your app and keep buyer-seller conversations flowing while boosting engagement and sales.

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Improve agent efficiency and the customer experience

Empower agents to manage multiple conversations and tickets effortlessly. Let your customers inquire and come back to a persistent communication thread.

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Identify trends and opportunities

Gain access to valuable data you can leverage to enrich your customer 360 via new 0 party insights, from purchasing patterns to user preferences.

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Customize the user experience

Conversations take place in a branded interface. Incorporate the colors, fonts, and icons that your customers expect.

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Shinsegae (SSG) is South Korea’s largest and oldest luxury retailer. As a leader in online innovation, SSG wanted users to communicate in several ways: user-to-user chat, buyer-to-seller chat and a customer service chatbot on the company’s online marketplace app called SSG Talk. They chose to partner with Sendbird and achieved great results:

“After we launched our CS Chatbot, we reduced our email and call inquiries by 10~25%, while providing a chat experience people already enjoy on consumer messengers like KakaoTalk or WhatsApp.”

Young Duck Park,
Project Manager at SSG