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The best Shopify chatbot

Build a GPT-4o ecommerce chatbot enhanced by and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for your Shopify store in minutes with no technical skills.

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Transform your Shopify store experience with the best ecommerce chatbot


Automate FAQ responses with an ecommerce chatbot trained on your store data.


Drive sales with Shopify chatbots that make product recommendations.


Seamlessly provide support information to customers for complex inquiries.

Shopify native integration

Native Shopify chatbot integration

In minutes, create a custom AI chatbot for your Shopify store and boost customer service with OpenAI GPT-4o and advanced RAG.

A complete no-code, AI-powered Shopify chatbot solution

Build ecommerce chatbot workflows

Streamline customer service with custom bot flows enhanced by generative AI.

Ai chatbot easy setup Ai chatbot easy setup
Customize your ecommerce chatbot widget

Design your AI chatbot widget to match your website brand experience.

Word Press customize bot Word Press customize bot
Monitor your Shopify chatbot performance

Monitor engagement success and improve response overtime with data logs and analytics.

Ai chatbot customer insight Ai chatbot customer insight

Create smarter ecommerce chatbots trained on your Shopify store data

Lead generation

Get your visitors' data using a lead-generation AI chatbot.

AI shopping assistance chatbot
Shopping assistance

Unleash AI on your e-commerce website and drive sales through a chat widget.

Customer service

Enable round-the-clock, global, conversational AI customer service.

The most featured chatbot for Shopify

Shopify chatbot widget
Shopify AI chatbot UI & UX
AI knowledge sources
AI chatbot configuration
Shopify Chatbot automation
Chatbot analytics & logs
Shopify chatbot features


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