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Claude vs ChatGPT: Sendbird introduces Anthropic’s latest Claude 3 Sonnet

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Claude vs ChatGPT, which is the better model?

OpenAI’s GPT4 Turbo has finally met a formidable competitor. It’s no other than Anthropic’s Claude 3. Claude 3 is an family of state-of-the-art AI models developed by Anthropic. While GPT4 Turbo has reigned supreme for a while as the best general purpose model in the Large Language Model (LLM) Leaderboard, in less than a month, Claude 3’s family of models, Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku has snatched the 1st, 4th, and 6th position respectively. If you are deciding between Claude vs ChatGPT, this article will help you which one is better for building AI chatbots.

As the best platform for businesses to create AI chatbots, Sendbird believes that diversity and choices of top LLMs are essential. To continuously meet our client’s expectations, we proudly present Claude 3 Sonnet, the most cost-efficient and enterprise-ready model among the Claude 3 family of models, as our latest offering. The offering includes enterprise-grade throughput and seamless integration to existing Sendbird AI chatbot features including knowledge base ingestion and no-code widget.

Claude vs ChatGPT: Benchmarking capabilities

Sendbird believes that every business is unique, as are its requirements. Claude 3 Sonnet integration, alongside GPT from OpenAI, Solar from Upstage, and Llama2 from Meta ensures businesses can choose an LLM that aligns perfectly with their AI chatbot use cases, preferences, and industry demands.

Here’s a short comparison of capabilities of Claude 3 benchmarked with OpenAI’s GPT and Google’s Gemini. In short, you can see that Claude 3 family of models is the new SOTA (state of the art) model

Source The capabilities look even more amazing when you consider their price tag.

Claude vs ChatGPT pricing

Source (Cost for Sonnet)

While both Claude 3 and GPT-4 deliver exceptional performance, Claude provides unbeatable value at just 3 message credits compared to GPT-4’s 10 message credits. You get the same top-notch performance from Claude at only 1/3 of GPT-4’s cost.

Claude vs ChatGPT: Comparing the models based on provided knowledge

To test Claude vs ChatGPT based on how they can work with specific information, I conducted an experiment comparing two models: Claude3 and GPT-4. The test involved seeing how each model handled questions after being given knowledge from a particular source, in this case, the Wikipedia page for the 96th Academy Awards. Since this awards ceremony is the latest, it's understood that the models wouldn't have prior knowledge of it, relying exclusively on the URL provided (Wikipedia page for the 96th Academy Awards) to draw their answers.

The models were asked three questions to gauge their ability to utilize the provided knowledge:

  1. What do you offer?

  2. Who’s the best actor of the Awards?

  3. Summarize the Awards in three bullet points.

For this test of Claude vs ChatGPT, I used Sendbird to ingest the knowledge about the 96th Academy Awards to the bot.

Both models were capable of utilizing the information from the provided URL to answer the questions adequately. However, the most noticeable difference was in their response times. Despite both models performing well, Claude3 demonstrated a significant advantage in speed, taking 46 seconds to answer, whereas GPT-4 took 53 seconds. So who wins in speed for Claude vs ChatGPT? In this case it seems that Claude 3 emerges victorious.

The only no-code UI supported solution to use Claude 3 on production

In deciding between Claude vs ChatGPT, while Claude 3 can easily provide you with most-accurate answers for your needs, you still need to have it properly engage with your users. While there are many other solutions that bring chatbot experience using LLMs, users now expect more production-like chat experiences, similar to those in Snapchat, iMessage, or WhatsApp.

To truly maximize the capabilities of Claude 3 in your service, it's imperative to support it with a modern and elegant UI that includes:

  • Message cards to display product images

  • Suggested replies

  • Message status receipts for sent, delivered, and read messages

  • Typing indicators

  • Offline support

Have Claude 3 on your own website within minutes

Claude vs ChatGPT quick setup

If Claude 3 emerges as the winner for you in the Claude vs ChatGPT showdown, Sendbird can help you take the next step in building your AI chatbot. While we offer rich messaging features, you can integrate Claude 3 into your website effortlessly, without any need for coding. Knowledge can easily be incorporated using a straightforward dashboard with just a few clicks.

Check out the official integration of Claude 3 for your Sendbird chatbot projects here!

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