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In-app conversations

Take customer relationships to the next level

In app conversations ebook

We’re entering a new era in business to customer communication.

Today, messaging apps have become the preferred way for people to stay connected, and share experiences with one another - yielding over 300 billion in-app messages a day compared to 100 billion emails.

Now, businesses are waking up to the potential of messaging inside their apps as a way to not just reach customers, but reimagine entire customer experiences.

  • Marketers are powering higher conversion rates for marketing messages with in-app messaging.
  • Product teams are seeing higher read rates on operational notifications across the customer journey.
  • Support teams are achieving higher CSAT, while optimizing team efficiency with mobile-first, messaging-based conversations.

Sendbird believes that messaging conversations inside businesses' own mobile apps will be the next frontier of relationship building and personalized interaction with customers. It is the one medium which promises to achieve the holy grail for businesses: deliver personal experiences at scale while driving business goals.

Read this report to see why the time to move is now.