Chat API

The deepest chat platform to build engaging experiences

Our easy-to-use chat API and powerful backend platform make it simple to create rich engaging chat experiences, loaded with all the features of a modern messenger.

img-chat-map img-chat-file img-sneakers img-carousell-ui In app messaging as engaging as any messenger app

A full-featured chat service accessible over our chat API

Push Notifications

Deliver real-time updates and reach customers at the right time.

Typing Indicators

Typing signals from users writing messages in real-time.

Send & Receive Structured Media

Send images, videos and structured messages using custom data.

Auto-Thumbnail Generation

Automatically render images and videos in an easy-to-see thumbnail.

Delivery & Read Receipts

Let users know when their messages have been delivered to and read by recipients.

User-to-User Blocking

Block and unblock bad actors, spammers, or toxic users.


Use Sendbird UIKit, a set of rich, prebuilt UI components, to create a modern messenger like experience in your app in just under 10 minutes.

Offline Messaging

Power conversations even when the user is offline. Offline caching sends and receives messages when the device is back online.

A secure and globally accessible chat API

Auto translation

Automatically translate messages in 50+ languages.

Share encrypted files

Enable users to share files securely using AES256 encryption.

Chat history

Access your messaging history in private and group channels.

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