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Ship faster with a chat API

Drive higher engagement, more transactions, and better business outcomes with the most feature rich and flexible chat platform embedded in your app.

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The deepest in-app chat
platform anywhere

Our API-based chat service lets you build in-app chat with all the features of a modern messenger without sacrificing control over your data or user experience.

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  • Messaging Essentials

    Messaging Essentials

    Modern chat experiences keep users engaged for longer.

  • Offline Messages

    Offline Messages

    Keep conversations going even when users are offline.

  • Moderation


    Make safe conversations the standard in your application.

  • Announcements


    Engage consumers with targeted in-app messages and see higher conversions.

  • Webhooks


    Create powerful workflows by integrating chat with your internal systems like CRM.

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Get to market fast with an easy-to-use chat API and native chat SDKs for Android, iOS, JavaScript, .Net or Unity. Our native or React UI components will speed your design.

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Digital connections drive real results

Trusted by 2 billion users
across apps

Power messaging for millions of users on our highly scalable infrastructure built for security, reliability, and certified by leading compliance standards.

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All-in one chat service your users will love

Message Icon Message

Messaging channels

  • Private 1-1 or group chat
  • Private chat for very large groups or supergroups
  • Public group chat

Messaging essentials

  • Sendbird UIKit
  • Typing indicators
  • Read receipts
  • Delivery receipts
  • User presence indicators
  • Push notifications
  • Reactions
  • User mentions
  • Channel mentions
  • Unread message count
  • Mention count
  • User invitation
  • Channel list

Engage Icon Engage

Engagement types

  • Audio, video, images, GIFs, files
  • Media thumbnail generation
  • Structured message templates
  • Admin messages

Advanced engagement

  • Offline messages
  • Announcements
  • Message search
  • Do-not-disturb push
  • Meta-array API


  • Message translation
  • On-demand translation
  • Push translation

Moderate Icon Moderate

Message moderation

  • Moderation dashboard
  • Auto image moderation
  • Profanity filter

User moderation

  • User-to-user blocking
  • Ban user
  • Mute user in channel
  • Deactivate user
  • User reporting API

Channel management

  • Smart throttling
  • Spam flood protection
  • Channel operators
  • Freeze channel

Analyze Icon Analyze & Integrate


  • Advanced analytics
  • Data export
  • Message retrieval API
  • Analytics dashboard

Third party integrations

  • Chatbot interface
  • Post-event webhooks
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