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All-in-one chat service your users will love


Messaging channels

Deliver a chat channel experience that flows seamlessly across multiple devices and apps.

Img private group chat Img private group chat

Private 1-1 or group chat

Offer a 1-to-1 or many-to-many private chat for users to converse with one another.

Private chat for very large groups or supergroups

Power private group chat for groups of up to tens of thousands of members and drive real-time engagement with most group chat features.

Img public group chat Img public group chat

Public group chat

A public group chat best supports high-scale chat environments such as a live stream chat. Each public group chat can host millions of users through an open channel.

Messaging essentials

Sendbird’s full suite of essential messaging features ensures a best-in-industry chat experience for users.

Group 20538 Group 20538

Sendbird UIKit

Ship beautiful chat in minutes. UIKit is the easy way to build in-app chat with UI components integrated with Sendbird chat SDK. UIKit also comes in an open source version.

Typing indicators

Allow users to see when another user is typing to keep the conversation flowing.

Read receipts

Let users know when their message has been read.

Delivery receipts

Let the message sender know their message has been delivered.

User presence indicators

Let users know which user is online or not—ideal for small group chats.

Push notifications

Alert your users with a push notification when a new chat message is received.


Let your users react to messages with emoji-based reactions.

User mentions

Give your users the ability to catch the attention of another user by mentioning them in chat.

Channel mentions

Give your users the ability to catch the attention of the entire channel.

Unread message count

Display the number of unread messages to bring users back into the conversation.

Mention count

Display the number of mention message counts to bring users back into the conversation.

User invitation

Allows your users to invite others to a private group chat.

Channel list

Displays the number of group channels in the sidebar.


Engagement types

Increase user engagement by giving users the flexibility to express themselves in multiple message formats.

Img engage Img engage


Allow users to send audio messages.


Allow users to send video messages.

Images, GIFs, and files

Allow users to send images, GIFs, and files over chat.

Media thumbnail generation

Automatically generate a thumbnail for images and videos in chat threads.

Structured messages

Allow developers to display offers in the chat interface and design custom messages for specific situations.

Admin messages

Deliver important updates to users through admin messages.

Advanced Engagement

Keep users engaged with chat through offline messages and announcements, and increase usability with Sendbird’s message search feature.

Offline messages

Let your users access messages and prepare new messages to be sent even if the user is offline or in unstable network conditions.


Keep your users informed by delivering high-context in-app announcements. An announcement can reach up to 10,000 users.

Img announcements Img announcements
Do not disturb push

Let your users apply the do-not-disturb status, which prevents them from receiving push notifications for new messages.

Meta-array API

Give your developers the ability to add custom metadata to messages and build functionalities like polls, reactions, and more.

Scheduled messages

Allow your users and administrators to deliver messages in group chats at a later and more relevant time for their audience.

Img schedule message Img schedule message

Let your users, moderators, and administrators send questionnaires in group chats and enhance community engagement and collaboration.

Img poll Img poll


Enable automatic or on-demand translation to allow users to chat in their preferred language easily.

Img message translation Img message translation

Auto message translation

Translate received messages to your user's preferred language.

On-demand translation

Give your users the ability to translate a message to their preferred language.

Push translation

Translate push notifications automatically to the user's preferred language.


Message moderation

Keep chat a fun and safe social experience through Sendbird’s message moderation dashboard.

Moderation dashboard

Allow admin/moderators to moderate message content and users from the convenience of a dashboard. With the supported filters and moderation methods, you can determine the level of suitability of language and content for your application.

Auto-image moderation

Automatically filter out images with toxic content in chat messages.

Profanity filter

Create a safe chat environment by filtering out profanity from group chats.

Domain filter

Allow moderators to restrict users from sharing pre-selected URLs and domains in the chat.

User moderation

Provide users with tools to block, ban, mute, and report other users to maintain a positive chat environment.

User-to-user blocking

Give users the ability to block one another at the user level.

Ban user

Allow chat moderators to ban users from chat channels.

Mute user in the channel

Allow chat moderators to mute users in chat channels.

Deactivate user

Allow admins to deactivate users so they can no longer use a chat channel.

User reporting API

Allow users the ability to report other users in chat channels.

Channel management

Support a positive user experience in chat channels by implementing various channel management tools.

Smart throttling

Adjust the number of messages displayed in a large group chat by adjusting the message loading speed.

Spam flood protection

Allow moderators to control the number of messages a user can send in a sequence.

Channel operators

Allow moderators to assign operators to moderate conversations in each channel.

Freeze channel

Freeze the channel and prevent users from sending any messages to each other.

Analyze & integrate


Easily monitor important, actionable metrics from the Sendbird Dashboard and Chat Platform API or export chat data to another application.

Advanced analytics

Analyze user behavior through metrics on channels, messages, and users across nine categories.

Data export

Allow developers to retrieve message, channel, user, and failed webhook data from your app and export to CSV and JSON formats.

Img data export Img data export
Message retrieval API

Allow developers to retrieve messages from any channel using the Chat Platform API.

Analytics dashboard

Monitor chat metrics and see how chat is being adopted in your application.

Third-party integrations

With the chatbot interface and post-event webhooks, your chat implementation can be extended to meet your exact needs.

Chatbot interface

The chatbot interface allows you to add your own chatbot that can send and receive messages and assists with customer support, product recommendations, and more.

Post-event webhooks

Capture event information from your application's chat and use it to build custom notification services, CRM and support desk integrations, and more.



Give users peace of mind with Sendbird’s rigorous encryption and whitelisting capabilities.

Img security Img security

TLS/SSL encryption

Sendbird server supports TLS v1.3.

File encryption

Files sent in messages are encrypted using AES256.


A RESTful API to provide access and delete capabilities for consumer requests as delineated by GDPR.

IP whitelisting

Give developers the ability to make calls to Sendbird Chat API from an allowed list of IPs.


Sendbird safeguards users’ privacy and data by meeting stringent compliance regulations.

Img compliance Img compliance


Sendbird is SOC 2 compliant.


Sendbird is ISO27001 compliant.


Sendbird is GDPR compliant.


Sendbird is HIPAA compliant and will sign a BAA for customers that have a need for it.


Support users from eleven global regions to expand your reach and scale your business.

Img map features Img map features

Choose your AWS region

Sendbird has servers based in the following locations: USA (Oregon, North Virginia), Germany (Frankfurt), India (Mumbai), South Korea (Seoul), (Singapore), Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Sydney), and Canada.

Private, dedicated servers

Spin up private dedicated instances for powering chat in any existing AWS region (with the exception of China).

Public static IP

Give your developers the ability to whitelist Sendbird servers to safeguard your network.