Customer Support

Live chat support and ticketing

Create personal, satisfying customer experiences and boost agent productivity. Engage customers at the right time in the medium they already use with live chat customer support.

SendBird's support features simplify customer interactions and seamlessly integrate with your application's messaging experience


Manage the entire customer interaction from beginning to end.


Answer customer tickets from an intuitive interface directly in the SendBird Dashboard. Receive routed tickets automatically.


Ask questions and receive support directly from your app's messaging interface, mobile or web.

Empower your agents with the tools to meet customers where they communicate most


Provide 1-on-1 live support with the messaging experience customers already use.


Automatically delegate and distribute all customer created tickets among available agents.

Ticket Transfer

Assign any ticket to another agent with the ability to add transfer notes and keep customer context.

Improve agent performance and response times with a simple admin interface

Agent & Ticket Management

Manage all tickets and leverage custom settings to optimize your agent workflow for the best support experience.

Customer Ticket History

Never lose context. View the status and chat content for every interaction between an agent and a customer.

Real-Time Monitoring

Track your support status in real-time with monitoring tools to view response time, pending time and more.

Offer support anywhere, mobile or web

Powering real-time customer supportĀ in iOS, Android and JavaScript.

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