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Expand business messaging with KakaoTalk

Reach more customers with our unified KakaoTalk API, leveraging Korea's most popular messaging app for product, operations, support, and engineering teams.

Kakao notifications api

Enhance your mobile omnichannel strategy with KakaoTalk

Interactive content

Enable your business to share diverse multimedia and dynamic content, making messages more engaging and impactful.

Spam-free messaging

Ensure a secure communication channel by providing verified badges to authenticate business accounts.

Expansive user network

Reach KakaoTalk's 53M monthly active users, offering an unparalleled channel for worldwide communication.

Scale business messaging with a reliable KakaoTalk API

Img bm kakaotalk manage Img bm kakaotalk manage

Manage KakaoTalk business messages from one dashboard

Allow any team to quickly send AlimTalk messages from our user-friendly dashboard.

AlimTalk channel support: Send personalized, templated messages to customers directly on KakaoTalk.

AlimTalk template builder: Craft impactful messages for KakaoTalk users with an intuitive interface.

Channel sequencing: Programmatically time and sequence your KakaoTalk messages alongside in-app, SMS, and push notifications.

Analytics: Analyze performance via Channel Analytics, Campaign Reports, and User-level Insights.

Img bm kakaotalk integrate Img bm kakaotalk integrate

Integrate KakaoTalk and other mobile channels with a single API

Extend mobile communications with a single programmable messaging API that integrates KakaoTalk and other channels effortlessly.

Minimal coding required: Integrate the KakaoTalk API with just a few lines of code, saving time and effort.

Comprehensive documentation: Access step-by-step integration guides in our detailed documentation.

Img bm kakaotalk secure Img bm kakaotalk secure

Secure and compliant KakaoTalk API

Safeguard your business messaging with our secure and compliant KakaoTalk API and communication platform.

End-to-end encryption: Securely encode data from sender to recipient, making it inaccessible to others, including Kakao itself.

User consent: Obtain explicit user consent for data collection, ensuring transparency and control over personal information.

Compliance standards: Kakao commits to strict global and national data protection norms, prioritizing privacy and security.

Send critical messages with our
KakaoTalk business API

alerts and notifications
Alerts and notifications

Send time-sensitive delivery notifications and critical account alerts.


Broadcast key updates, news, and event details to keep your customers in the loop.

Discount coupons

Drive sales and engagement by easily sending out enticing discount offers to your customers.


Collect valuable insights and feedback by deploying engaging surveys.

Add KakaoTalk communication to your stack in minutes

Integrate KakaoTalk to your system workflows quickly with a developer-friendly, unified KakaoTalk API.

  • Platform API
            import requests

# Configuration
url = "YOUR_BASE_URL/v2/notifications"
headers = {
    "Api-Token": "YOUR_API_TOKEN",
    "Content-Type": "application/json"
payload = {
    "template": {
        "key": "kakao_template",
        "variables": {
            "user-1": {"first_name": "Chase", "datetime": "2024/03/18", "appointment_number": "388031"}
    "targets": ["user-1"],
    "mode": "realtime"

# POST request
response =, json=payload, headers=headers)


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