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Halving patient response time with AI healthcare chatbots

Anonymous healthcare case study img
Safe & secure
with no formal training required for users
2x faster
response speed to healthcare inquiries
Supercharge your customer journey with custom AI chatbots!
Supercharge your customer journey with custom AI chatbots!
Supercharge your customer journey with custom AI chatbots!

Leveraging chat messaging for healthcare

Established in a major European city in 2021, this healthcare company revolutionizes patient care by offering digital consultations with general practitioners. Aiming to simplify the referral process for specialists, it developed a healthcare mobile messaging app to connect patients with doctors using Sendbird’s chat API for medical routine communication, appointment scheduling, and prescription management.

Modern digital health demands

“People want to have their doctor in their pocket,” the Co-founder and Practice Manager said. “With our new app, they can take their phone and start chatting immediately with one of our healthcare professionals.” Since most people start with general health questions, we trained an AI healthcare chatbot to support our agents and provide valuable answers via Sendbird’s customer support chat software.

Choosing the right messaging platform

We’ve explored several options for a customer support chat software and chat API platforms that could integrate easily into our mobile apps and seamlessly connect our general practitioners through an intuitive chat interface and ticketing dashboard. We chose Sendbird Desk because it was quick for our healthcare agents to learn, and it was GDPR compliant. Healthcare teams could chat with patients on their mobile apps in no time.

Assisting healthcare agents with AI

To manage growing user demand, we introduced AI in our workflow to help healthcare support agents meet their 30-minute service agreement. We knew about Sendbird’s ChatGPT integration and decided to use it to assist support agents in coming up with the best answer for more basic patient inquiries. If the healthcare support agent deems the quality response, it will share it with the patient. This improved efficiency significantly while keeping the communication safe.

Training AI for healthcare application

The training of the custom GPT chatbot was a meticulous process. We provided the AI chatbot with many web links to our knowledge base to ensure response accuracy. We also worked with medical students–including one completing his master’s thesis on AI in healthcare–to design the best AI prompt using an iterative process until the bot behaved as required. The team spent several months training the bot, given the sensitive nature of healthcare, and we are now working on the final phase of the fine-tuning responses.

Impact of AI on customer service

The introduction of AI-powered assistance has significantly improved the efficiency of our healthcare agents.

“We have found that if a healthcare agent opened a patient chat, they were twice as fast helping the patient with the AI assistant than without. (...) this tremendous productivity gain will allow us to grow and scale to meet the needs of our patients.” This enhancement enables our growth while ensuring high-quality patient service.

Sendbird Desk and AI chatbot transform the healthcare industry

Sendbird Desk, with generative AI chatbots, exemplifies the transformative potential of digital AI tools in healthcare. By prioritizing patient convenience through mobile chat and leveraging AI, the company set a new standard for patient-practitioner communication in the digital age. Create a free AI chatbot for healthcare today!