Represents information obtained from the application settings. The values for this will be set after a connection has been made.


  • AppInfo


allowSdkStatsUpload: boolean

Whether the SDK stat would be uploaded.

applicationAttributes: string[]

List of all attributes that the application is using.

deviceTokenCache: boolean

Whether device tokens would be cached.

emojiHash: string

The current registered emoji version hash.

enabledChannelMemberShipHistory: boolean
lastMessageThreadingPolicy: LastMessageThreadingPolicy

Whether to set a thread message as a last message.

messageTemplateInfo: null | default
multipleFilesMessageFileCountLimit: number

The maximum count of files that can be included in a single MultipleFilesMessage.

notificationInfo: null | NotificationInfo

Notification info.

premiumFeatureList: string[]

List of all premium features that application is using.

uikitConfigInfo: UIKitConfigInfo
unreadCountThreadingPolicy: UnreadCountThreadingPolicy

Whether to increase or decrease on thread messages.

uploadSizeLimit: number

The maximum limit of file size in bytes for uploading.

useReaction: boolean

Whether an application is using the reaction feature.

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