appleCriticalAlertOptions: null | AppleCriticalAlertOptions = null

The apple critical alert options of the message.

channelType: ChannelType = ChannelType.BASE

The ChannelType of the channel this message belongs to.

channelUrl: string

The channel URL of the channel this message belongs to.

createdAt: number = 0

The creation time of the message in milliseconds.

customType: string

The custom type of the message.

data: string

The custom type of the message.

extendedMessage: object = {}

The template for the message.

extendedMessagePayload?: Record<string, unknown>

The datas for the message.

forms: null | default[] = null

List of Form that allow users to input their information or opinions

isOperatorMessage: boolean = false

Whether the message was sent from an operator.

mentionType: null | MentionType = null

The mention type. Refer to MentionType.

mentionedMessageTemplate: string

The mentioned message template of the message.

mentionedUserIds: null | string[] = null

The mentioned user ids of the message.

mentionedUsers: null | User[] = null

The mentioned users of the message.

message: string
messageId: number

The ID of the message.

messageType: MessageType = MessageType.BASE
metaArrays: MessageMetaArray[] = []

Gets an array of meta arrays sorted by chronological order.

myFeedback: null | Feedback = null

My feedback of the message. Not null, if its FeedbackStatus is FeedbackStatus.SUBMITTED Null, if its FeedbackStatus is FeedbackStatus.NOT_APPLICABLE or FeedbackStatus.NO_FEEDBACK/b>.

myFeedbackStatus: FeedbackStatus = 'NOT_APPLICABLE'

My feedback status of the message.

ogMetaData: null | OGMetaData

The OGMetaData of the message. Might be null if

parentMessage: null | BaseMessage = null

The parent message of this message. Only NonNull if this message is a reply message. It does not contain all properties of the parent message.

parentMessageId: number

The parent message's ID if this is a reply message.

reactions: Reaction[] = []

The reactions on the message.

scheduledInfo: null | ScheduledInfo = null

The scheduled info of the message if this is a scheduled message

silent: boolean = false

Checks whether the message is silent or not.

suggestedReplies: null | string[] = null

The suggested replies of the message.

threadInfo: null | ThreadInfo = null

The thread info of the message.

translations: object = {}
updatedAt: number = 0

The updated time of the message in milliseconds.


  • Parameters

    • feedbackId: number

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Parameters

    • message: default

    Returns boolean

  • Message Feedback


    • data: Pick<Feedback, "rating" | "comment">

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Parameters

    • data: {
          answers?: Record<string, string>;
          formId?: string;
      • Optional answers?: Record<string, string>
      • Optional formId?: string

    Returns Promise<void>


    since v4.10.6. Use submitForm({ form: Form }) instead.

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