Class representing a poll option. A poll options can be created by poll.create() and groupChannel.addPollOption(). text is the only field set by the client. Other fields can be set by the server and voting. A latest poll option instance can be fetched using poll.get() and a poll option can be updated using groupChannel.updatePoll().


  • default
    • PollOption


createdAt: number = 0

Timestamp at which the poll option is created.

createdBy: null | string = null

User ID of the poll option creator.

id: number = 0

The ID of this poll option.

pollId: number = 0

The ID of the poll which contains this poll option.

text: null | string = null

Representing text of this poll option.

updatedAt: number = 0

Timestamp at which the poll option is updated.

voteCount: number = 0

Voter count of this poll option.

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