Represents a file message params.



appleCriticalAlertOptions?: AppleCriticalAlertOptions

The apple critical alert options of the message.

customType?: string

The custom type of the message.

data?: string

The data of the message.

file?: FileCompat

The file object of the message.

fileName?: string

The file's name of the message.

fileSize?: number

The file's size of the message.

fileUrl?: string

The file's url of the message.

isPinnedMessage?: boolean

Whether the message should be pinned to the channel. (default: false)

isReplyToChannel?: boolean

Whether the message should also be sent to the channel. (default: false)

mentionType?: MentionType

The mention type of the message. (default: USERS).

mentionedMessageTemplate?: string

The mentioned message template.

mentionedUserIds?: string[]

The mentioned user IDs of the message.

mentionedUsers?: User[]

The mentioned users of the message.

metaArrays?: MessageMetaArray[]

The meta arrays of the message.

mimeType?: string

The file's mime type of the message.

parentMessageId?: number

The parent message ID of the message.

pushNotificationDeliveryOption?: PushNotificationDeliveryOption

The push notification delivery option user of the message.

thumbnailSizes?: ThumbnailSize[]

The file's thumbnail sizes of the message.

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