appleCriticalAlertOptions?: AppleCriticalAlertOptions
customType?: string
data?: string
extendedMessagePayload?: Record<string, unknown>

Note extendedMessagePayload is a base property so below might be moved to BaseMessageCreateParams in the future. For now, we keep it here because server only supports MESG at this time. It is ok to do that because it is not a breaking change.

isPinnedMessage?: boolean
isReplyToChannel?: boolean
mentionType?: MentionType
mentionedMessageTemplate?: string
mentionedUserIds?: string[]
mentionedUsers?: User[]
message: string
metaArrays?: MessageMetaArray[]
parentMessageId?: number
pollId?: number
pushNotificationDeliveryOption?: PushNotificationDeliveryOption
translationTargetLanguages?: string[]

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