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Platform React-Native Language TypeScript

Sendbird UIKit for React Native: A feature-rich and customizable chat UI kit with messaging, channel management, and user authentication.

React-Native based UI kit based on sendbird javascript SDK

Before getting started

This section shows the prerequisites you need to check to use Sendbird UIKit for React-Native.


  • Nodejs 14 or newer
  • Watchman
  • JDK 11 or newer
  • XCode
  • Android Studio

More details, please see

Getting started

This section gives you information you need to get started with Sendbird UIKit for React-Native.

Try the sample app

Our sample app has all the core features of Sendbird UIKit for React-Native. Download the app from our GitHub repository to get an idea of what you can build with the actual UIKit before building your own project.

Create a project

You can get started by creating a project. (highly recommended to use typescript)

npx react-native init ChatApp --template=react-native-template-typescript

Install UIKit for React-Native

UIKit for React-Native can be installed through either yarn or npm

Install dependencies

Note: If you are using react-native version 0.72 or higher, you don't need to install @sendbird/react-native-scrollview-enhancer.

npm install @sendbird/uikit-react-native \
@sendbird/chat \
@sendbird/react-native-scrollview-enhancer \
date-fns \
react-native-safe-area-context \
@react-native-community/netinfo \

Linking native modules

npx pod-install

Getting permissions

Client apps must acquire permission from users to get access to their media library and save files to their mobile storage. Once the permission is granted, users can send images and videos to other users and save media files.


Add the following permissions to your android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml file.

<manifest xmlns:android=""

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" android:maxSdkVersion="32" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" android:maxSdkVersion="28" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_MEDIA_AUDIO" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_MEDIA_VIDEO" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_MEDIA_IMAGES" />



Add the following permission usage descriptions to your info.plist file.

Key Type Value
Privacy - Camera Usage Description string $(PRODUCT_NAME) would like to use your camera
Privacy - Media Library Usage Description string $(PRODUCT_NAME) would like access to your photo library
Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description string $(PRODUCT_NAME) would like access to your photo library
Privacy - Photo Library Additions Usage Description string $(PRODUCT_NAME) would like to save photos to your photo library

NOTE: If you use react-native-permissions, you must update permissions and run pod install

Implementation guide

Install a native modules

In order to use the APIs and features of the native module in the UIKit for React Native, you need to implement the platform service interfaces that Sendbird provides. After implementing all the interfaces, you can set them as props of SendbirdUIKitContainer to use the native module features across Sendbird UIKit for React-Native.

const App = () => {
return (
localCacheStorage: AsyncStorage,
file: FileService,
notification: NotificationService,
clipboard: ClipboardService,
media: MediaService,
{/* ... */}

In order to implement the interfaces to your React Native app more easily, we provide various helper functions for each interface.

NOTE: Helper function is not required! You can implement it with native modules you're using. More details about PlatformService interfaces, please see here

Using React Native CLI

You can use createNativeClipboardService, createNativeNotificationService, createNativeFileService and createNativeMediaService helper functions with below native modules.

npm install react-native-video \
react-native-permissions \
react-native-file-access \
react-native-image-picker \
react-native-document-picker \
react-native-create-thumbnail \
@react-native-clipboard/clipboard \
@react-native-camera-roll/camera-roll \
@react-native-firebase/app \
@react-native-firebase/messaging \

npx pod-install
import * as ImageResizer from '';
import { CameraRoll } from '@react-native-camera-roll/camera-roll';
import Clipboard from '@react-native-clipboard/clipboard';
import RNFBMessaging from '@react-native-firebase/messaging';
import * as CreateThumbnail from 'react-native-create-thumbnail';
import * as DocumentPicker from 'react-native-document-picker';
import * as FileAccess from 'react-native-file-access';
import * as ImagePicker from 'react-native-image-picker';
import * as Permissions from 'react-native-permissions';
import Video from 'react-native-video';

const NativeClipboardService = createNativeClipboardService(Clipboard);
const NativeNotificationService = createNativeNotificationService({
messagingModule: RNFBMessaging,
permissionModule: Permissions,
const NativeFileService = createNativeFileService({
fsModule: FileAccess,
permissionModule: Permissions,
imagePickerModule: ImagePicker,
mediaLibraryModule: CameraRoll,
documentPickerModule: DocumentPicker,
const NativeMediaService = createNativeMediaService({
VideoComponent: Video,
thumbnailModule: CreateThumbnail,
imageResizerModule: ImageResizer,

Using Expo CLI

You can use createExpoClipboardService, createExpoNotificationService, createExpoFileService and createExpoMediaService helper functions with below expo modules.

expo install expo-image-picker \
expo-document-picker \
expo-media-library \
expo-file-system \
expo-clipboard \
expo-notifications \
expo-av \
expo-video-thumbnails \
import * as ExpoAV from 'expo-av';
import * as ExpoClipboard from 'expo-clipboard';
import * as ExpoDocumentPicker from 'expo-document-picker';
import * as ExpoFS from 'expo-file-system';
import * as ExpoImageManipulator from 'expo-image-manipulator';
import * as ExpoImagePicker from 'expo-image-picker';
import * as ExpoMediaLibrary from 'expo-media-library';
import * as ExpoNotifications from 'expo-notifications';
import * as ExpoVideoThumbnail from 'expo-video-thumbnails';

const ExpoNotificationService = createExpoNotificationService(ExpoNotifications);
const ExpoClipboardService = createExpoClipboardService(ExpoClipboard);
const ExpoFileService = createExpoFileService({
fsModule: ExpoFS,
imagePickerModule: ExpoImagePicker,
mediaLibraryModule: ExpoMediaLibrary,
documentPickerModule: ExpoDocumentPicker,
const ExpoMediaService = createExpoMediaService({
avModule: ExpoAV,
thumbnailModule: ExpoVideoThumbnail,
imageManipulator: ExpoImageManipulator,
fsModule: ExpoFS,

Local caching (required)

You can implement Local caching easily.

npm i @react-native-async-storage/async-storage
npx pod-isntall
import AsyncStorage from '@react-native-async-storage/async-storage';

import { SendbirdUIKitContainer } from '@sendbird/uikit-react-native';

const App = () => {
return <SendbirdUIKitContainer chatOptions={{ localCacheStorage: AsyncStorage }}>{/* ... */}</SendbirdUIKitContainer>;

Or you can use storage you are using instead of AsyncStorage (e.g. react-native-mmkv)

import { MMKV } from 'react-native-mmkv';

import { LocalCacheStorage, SendbirdUIKitContainer } from '@sendbird/uikit-react-native';

const mmkvStorage = new MMKV();
const localCacheStorage: LocalCacheStorage = {
async getAllKeys() {
return mmkvStorage.getAllKeys();
async setItem(key: string, value: string) {
return mmkvStorage.set(key, value);
async getItem(key: string) {
return mmkvStorage.getString(key) ?? null;
async removeItem(key: string) {
return mmkvStorage.delete(key);

const App = () => {
return <SendbirdUIKitContainer chatOptions={{ localCacheStorage }}>{/* ... */}</SendbirdUIKitContainer>;

Integration with navigation library

Now you can create a screen and integrate it with a navigation library like react-navigation. See more details on here

The example below shows how to integrate using react-navigation.

Create a fragments and screens

import { useNavigation, useRoute } from '@react-navigation/native';

import { useGroupChannel } from '@sendbird/uikit-chat-hooks';
import {
} from '@sendbird/uikit-react-native';

const GroupChannelListFragment = createGroupChannelListFragment();
const GroupChannelCreateFragment = createGroupChannelCreateFragment();
const GroupChannelFragment = createGroupChannelFragment();

const GroupChannelListScreen = () => {
const navigation = useNavigation<any>();
return (
onPressCreateChannel={(channelType) => {
// Navigate to GroupChannelCreate function.
navigation.navigate('GroupChannelCreate', { channelType });
onPressChannel={(channel) => {
// Navigate to GroupChannel function.
navigation.navigate('GroupChannel', { channelUrl: channel.url });

const GroupChannelCreateScreen = () => {
const navigation = useNavigation<any>();

return (
onCreateChannel={async (channel) => {
// Navigate to GroupChannel function.
navigation.replace('GroupChannel', { channelUrl: channel.url });
onPressHeaderLeft={() => {
// Go back to the previous screen.

const GroupChannelScreen = () => {
const navigation = useNavigation<any>();
const { params } = useRoute<any>();

const { sdk } = useSendbirdChat();
const { channel } = useGroupChannel(sdk, params.channelUrl);
if (!channel) return null;

return (
onChannelDeleted={() => {
// Navigate to GroupChannelList function.
onPressHeaderLeft={() => {
// Go back to the previous screen.
onPressHeaderRight={() => {
// Navigate to GroupChannelSettings function.
navigation.navigate('GroupChannelSettings', { channelUrl: params.channelUrl });

Register screens to navigator

import { NavigationContainer } from '@react-navigation/native';
import { createNativeStackNavigator } from '@react-navigation/native-stack';

import { SendbirdUIKitContainer, useConnection, useSendbirdChat } from '@sendbird/uikit-react-native';

const RootStack = createNativeStackNavigator();
const SignInScreen = () => {
const { connect } = useConnection();

return (
<View style={{ flex: 1, alignItems: 'center', justifyContent: 'center' }}>
width: 120,
height: 30,
backgroundColor: '#742DDD',
alignItems: 'center',
justifyContent: 'center',
onPress={() => connect('USER_ID', { nickname: 'NICKNAME' })}
<Text>{'Sign in'}</Text>

const Navigation = () => {
const { currentUser } = useSendbirdChat();

return (
<RootStack.Navigator screenOptions={{ headerShown: false }}>
{!currentUser ? (
<RootStack.Screen name={'SignIn'} component={SignInScreen} />
) : (
<RootStack.Screen name={'GroupChannelList'} component={GroupChannelListScreen} />
<RootStack.Screen name={'GroupChannelCreate'} component={GroupChannelCreateScreen} />
<RootStack.Screen name={'GroupChannel'} component={GroupChannelScreen} />

const App = () => {
return (
file: FileService,
notification: NotificationService,
clipboard: ClipboardService,
media: MediaService,
<Navigation />

You can use sendbird sdk using useSendbirdChat() hook, and you can connect or disconnect using useConnection() hook. for more details about hooks, please refer to our docs




Type Aliases



ChannelCover ChannelInput ChannelMessageList ChatFlatList FileViewer GroupChannelContextsProvider GroupChannelHeader GroupChannelInput GroupChannelListContextsProvider GroupChannelListHeader GroupChannelListList GroupChannelListStatusEmpty GroupChannelListStatusLoading GroupChannelListTypeSelector GroupChannelMessageList GroupChannelMessageRenderer GroupChannelNotificationsContextsProvider GroupChannelNotificationsHeader GroupChannelNotificationsView GroupChannelSettingsContextsProvider GroupChannelSettingsHeader GroupChannelSettingsInfo GroupChannelSettingsMenu GroupChannelStatusEmpty GroupChannelStatusLoading GroupChannelSuggestedMentionList LocalizationProvider MessageSearchResultItem NewMessagesButton OpenChannelBannedUsersContextsProvider OpenChannelBannedUsersHeader OpenChannelBannedUsersList OpenChannelBannedUsersStatusEmpty OpenChannelBannedUsersStatusError OpenChannelBannedUsersStatusLoading OpenChannelContextsProvider OpenChannelCreateContextsProvider OpenChannelCreateHeader OpenChannelCreateProfileInput OpenChannelCreateStatusLoading OpenChannelHeader OpenChannelInput OpenChannelListContextsProvider OpenChannelListHeader OpenChannelListList OpenChannelListStatusEmpty OpenChannelListStatusError OpenChannelListStatusLoading OpenChannelMessageRenderer OpenChannelModerationContextsProvider OpenChannelModerationHeader OpenChannelModerationMenu OpenChannelMutedParticipantsContextsProvider OpenChannelMutedParticipantsHeader OpenChannelMutedParticipantsList OpenChannelMutedParticipantsStatusEmpty OpenChannelMutedParticipantsStatusLoading OpenChannelOperatorsContextsProvider OpenChannelOperatorsHeader OpenChannelOperatorsList OpenChannelOperatorsStatusEmpty OpenChannelOperatorsStatusLoading OpenChannelSettingsContextsProvider OpenChannelSettingsHeader OpenChannelSettingsInfo OpenChannelSettingsMenu OpenChannelStatusEmpty OpenChannelStatusLoading PlatformServiceProvider ProviderLayout ScrollToBottomButton SendbirdChatProvider SendbirdUIKitContainer StatusComposition TypedPlaceholder UserActionBar UserListContextsProvider UserListHeader UserListList UserListStatusEmpty UserListStatusError UserListStatusLoading UserProfileProvider UserSelectableBar createBaseStringSet createExpoClipboardService createExpoFileService createExpoMediaService createExpoNotificationService createGroupChannelBannedUsersFragment createGroupChannelCreateFragment createGroupChannelFragment createGroupChannelInviteFragment createGroupChannelListFragment createGroupChannelListModule createGroupChannelMembersFragment createGroupChannelModerationFragment createGroupChannelModule createGroupChannelMutedMembersFragment createGroupChannelNotificationsFragment createGroupChannelNotificationsModule createGroupChannelOperatorsFragment createGroupChannelRegisterOperatorFragment createGroupChannelSettingsFragment createGroupChannelSettingsModule createMessageSearchFragment createNativeClipboardService createNativeFileService createNativeMediaService createNativeNotificationService createOpenChannelBannedUsersFragment createOpenChannelBannedUsersModule createOpenChannelCreateFragment createOpenChannelCreateModule createOpenChannelFragment createOpenChannelListFragment createOpenChannelListModule createOpenChannelModerationFragment createOpenChannelModerationModule createOpenChannelModule createOpenChannelMutedParticipantsFragment createOpenChannelMutedParticipantsModule createOpenChannelOperatorsFragment createOpenChannelOperatorsModule createOpenChannelParticipantsFragment createOpenChannelRegisterOperatorFragment createOpenChannelSettingsFragment createOpenChannelSettingsModule createUserListModule useConnection useLocalization usePlatformService usePushTokenRegistration useReaction useSendbirdChat useUserProfile

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