AdminMessage class Null safety

Represents an admin message that can be sent from dashboard

This message type can be sent via platform api or from dashboard

Available Extensions


AdminMessage({required int messageId, required String message, required String channelUrl, required ChannelType channelType, MessageSendingStatus? sendingStatus, String? requestId, List<User> mentionedUsers = const [], MentionType? mentionType, List<String>? requestedMentionUserIds, int createdAt = 0, int updatedAt = 0, int? parentMessageId, String? parentMessageText, ThreadInfo? threadInfo, List<MessageMetaArray>? metaArrays, String? customType, int? messageSurvivalSeconds, bool forceUpdateLastMessage = false, bool isSilent = false, int? errorCode, bool isOperatorMessage = false, String? data, OGMetaData? ogMetaData, List<Reaction>? reactions})
AdminMessage.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json)


channelType ChannelType
Channel type of this message
@JsonKey(defaultValue:, read / write, inherited
channelUrl String
Channel url of this message.
final, inherited
createdAt int
Message creation time in millisecond(UTC)
@JsonKey(defaultValue: 0), final, inherited
customType String?
Custom message type
final, inherited
data String?
data for this message
read / write, inherited
errorCode int?
The error code of this message. This value generated only when message send fails.
read / write, inherited
forceUpdateLastMessage bool
True if this message should update last message of its channel
@JsonKey(defaultValue: false), final, inherited
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
isOperatorMessage bool
True if this message was created by an operator.
@JsonKey(name: 'is_op_msg', defaultValue: false), final, inherited
isSilent bool
True if this message won't affect unread message count / mention count
@JsonKey(name: 'silent', defaultValue: false), final, inherited
mentionedUsers List<User>
The list of users who was mentioned together with this message.
@JsonKey(defaultValue: const []), final, inherited
mentionType MentionType?
Mention type that this message uses
@JsonKey(unknownEnumValue: null), final, inherited
message String
Message text.
final, inherited
messageId int
Unique message ID.
@JsonKey(defaultValue: 0), final, inherited
messageSurvivalSeconds int?
Message disappear in seconds, default is -1 and won't disappear
@JsonKey(defaultValue: -1), final, inherited
metaArrays List<MessageMetaArray>?
Gets an array of meta arrays sorted by chronological order. current does not support backward compatibility
@JsonKey(name: 'sorted_metaarray'), read / write, inherited
ogMetaData OGMetaData?
Open graph information in this message. Nullable
@JsonKey(name: 'og_tag'), final, inherited
parentMessageId int?
The unique ID of the parent message. If the message object is a parent message or a single message without any reply, the value of this property is 0. If the object is a reply, the value is the unique ID of its parent message.
final, inherited
parentMessageText String?
The written text of the message object’s parent message. If the message object is a parent message, the value of this property is null. If the object is a reply to a parent message and the type of the parent message is UserMessage, the value is message. If it is FileMessage, the value is the name of the uploaded file.
final, inherited
reactions List<Reaction>?
reactions for this message
@JsonKey(defaultValue: const []), read / write, inherited
requestedMentionUserIds List<String>?
Represents target user ids to mention when success to send this message. This value is valid only when the message is a pending message or failed message. If the message is a succeeded message, see mentionedUserIds
final, inherited
requestId String?
Request ID for checking ACK.
final, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
sender Sender?
Sender of this message
@JsonKey(name: 'user'), read / write, inherited
sendingStatus MessageSendingStatus?
Represents the dispatch state of this message. If this message is not dispatched completely to the Sendbird server, the value is pending. If failed to send the message, the value is failed. And if success to send the message, the value is succeeded.
read / write, inherited
threadInfo ThreadInfo?
The thread info that belongs to this message object.
read / write, inherited
updatedAt int
Message update time in millisecond(UTC).
@JsonKey(defaultValue: 0), final, inherited


applyReactionEvent(ReactionEvent event) bool
Applies ReactionEvent to this message. [...]
applyThreadInfoUpdateEvent(ThreadInfoUpdateEvent event) bool
Applies ThreadInfoUpdateEvent event to this message. [...]
getMetaArrays(List<String> keys) List<MessageMetaArray>
Retreives list of MessageMetaArray with given keys
getThreadedMessagesByTimestamp(int timestamp, ThreadedMessageListParams params) Future<ThreadedMessageResponse>
Retrieves threaded messages (replies) on this message with timestamp and params.
isResendable() bool
Returns true if this message can be resend.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
toJson() Map<String, dynamic>
toString() String
A string representation of this object. [...]


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator. [...]