The GroupChannel class represents a group channel which is a private chat.

The user who wants to join the group channel has to be invited by another user who is already joined the channel. This class is derived from BaseChannel. If the BaseChannelDelegate is added, the user will automatically receive all messages from the group channels where the user belongs after connection. The GroupChannel provides the features of general messaging apps.

  • Typing indicator.
  • Read status for each message.
  • Unread message count in the channel.
  • Lastest message in the channel.

The GroupChannel has a special property, isDistinct. The distinct property enabled group channel is always reuesd for same channel members. If a new member gets invited or the member left from the channel, then the distinct property disabled automatically. If you don’t set distinct property on the channel, it always create new channel for the same members.

For more information, see Group Channel.

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