GroupChannelConfiguration extension




freeze() Future<void>
Freeze this GroupChannel.
getMyPushTriggerOption() Future<GroupChannelPushTriggerOption>
Gets push trigger option of this channel. Refer to PushTriggerOption. For details of push trigger option, refer to setMyPushTriggerOption
hide({bool hidePreviousMessage = false, bool allowAutoUnhide = true}) Future<void>
Hides this channel from the current User's GroupChannel` list. When a new message is received from the channel, it appears again.
notifyScreenshotWasTaken() Future<void>
Notifies the current user took a screenshot in this channel. The server is going to send an admin message to notify this in the group channel.
setMyCountPreference(CountPreference countPreference) Future<void>
Sets my count preference for this channel.
setMyPushTriggerOption(GroupChannelPushTriggerOption option) Future<void>
Sets push trigger option of this channel. If channel's push trigger option is set to GroupChannelPushTriggerOption.defaultValue, it works according to the state of PushTriggerOption. If not, push messages will be triggered according to the state of GroupChannelPushTriggerOption.
unfreeze() Future<void>
Unfreeze this GroupChannel.
unhide() Future<void>
Unhides this channel from the current User's GroupChannel list.