Represents a form field where users can enter values.


  • FormField


fieldKey: string


Use FormField.key instead.

The input type of the form field.

key: string

The key of the form field.

placeholder?: string

The placeholder of this form field when the input value is empty.

regex?: string

The regular expression of this form field to validate the input value.

required: boolean

Whether this form field is required or not.

temporaryAnswer?: string

The temporary answer to this form field to store the input value before submitting. It becomes null when it is submitted.

title: string

The title of the form field.


  • get isSubmittable(): boolean
  • Whether this form field is submittable or not.

    Returns boolean


  • Parameters

    • value: string

    Returns boolean


    Whether the given string is valid or not. If the regex is null or not a regular expression, it always returns true.

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