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Add an event handler

Add event handlers for the client app to react to events that occur for the 1-to-1 call. Event handlers can detect device-specific events and call-specific events.

To detect device-specific events, add the onRinging event handler by registering the SendbirdCalls.setListener() method. After you’ve added the event handler, an incoming call is handled as shown below.

  onRinging(callProps: DirectCallProperties){
    // Processing incoming call.

To detect call-specific events, add the DirectCallListener event handler by using the DirectCall.addLitsener() method. To see a full list of call-related events, search DirectCallListener in the API Reference.

const unsubscribe = directCall.addListener({
 onEstablished: (call: DirectCallProperties) => {},

 onConnected: (call: DirectCallProperties) => {},

 onEnded: (call: DirectCallProperties) => {},

 onRemoteAudioSettingsChanged: (call: DirectCallProperties) => {},

 onRemoteVideoSettingsChanged: (call: DirectCallProperties) => {},

 // ...


When you want to remove listeners that are no longer in use, call unsubscribe() when you receive onEnded or when you perform cleanup for useEffect.