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Sendbird Calls for React Native provides direct calls where users can make and receive audio or video calls with real-time voice and video in a client app. Users can receive the call when the app is in the foreground or closed and handle an ongoing call by muting the audio or stopping the video. When the call is over, call information can be retrieved to show the call results and the users who engaged in the call. The 1-to-1 call is useful for facilitating private audio and video communication between two users.

Functionalities by topic

With the Calls SDK, you can integrate 1-to-1 call to a client app to make, manage, end a direct call along with other supporting functionalities. The following is a list of functionalities that our SDK supports.

Making a call


Make a call

Makes a 1-to-1 call using user ID from a client app.

Receiving a call


Receive a call

Receives an incoming call.

Receive a call in the background

Receives a call while a client app is in the background.

Managing a call


Manage a call

Manages microphone and video settings of users during a call.

Select video output

Selects a device output during a video call.

Ending a call


End a call

Ends an ongoing call.

Adding event handler


Add an event handler

Adds an event handler to receive events on an incoming call.

Adding push notifications


Add push notifications

Adds push notifications to receive notifications on an incoming call.

Retrieving call history


Retrieve call information

Retrieves information on ended calls.