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Create a poll

The polls feature allows group channel members and channel operators to create and send a poll attached to text messages. A poll usually consists of a question and at least one poll option that users can vote on. The functionality provides an easier way to gather feedback from groups of all sizes, collect data from customers, and drive user engagement. You can configure various settings for your poll, including when the poll will close and whether to allow users to add poll options or vote on multiple poll options.


To use polls in your Sendbird application, you must activate the polls feature on Sendbird Dashboard. Go to Settings > Chat > Features and turn on Polls.


Refer to the following limitations when using polls.

  • Polls can't be sent in the form of following message types: file messages, admin messages, and scheduled text messages.

  • Polls are only available in group channels except for ephemeral and Supergroup channels. See channel types.

  • Data on polls isn't included in the result when exporting message data.

Note: The maximum number of options that can be added to a poll differs depending on your Sendbird subscription plan. For further information, contact our sales team.


You can create a poll by creating and passing a PollCreateParams object as an argument to the parameter in the create() method.

val params = PollCreateParams(
        title = "Title",
        optionTexts = listOf("Option 1", "Option 2"),
        data = PollData("Additional data"),
        allowUserSuggestion = false,
        allowMultipleVotes = false,
        closeAt = -1 // If you don't want to specify a closing time, then pass -1.

Poll.create(params) { poll, e ->
    if (e != null) {
        // Handle error.

    // After creating a poll, the poll is sent to the channel.
    if (poll != null) {
        val userMessageParams = UserMessageCreateParams("Poll").apply {
            pollId =
        channel.sendUserMessage(userMessageParams) { message, e ->
            if (e != null) {
                // Handle error.

List of parameters

Parameter nameTypeDescription



Specifies the title of a poll.


Array of strings

Specifies the texts of possible options for which a user can vote on. Note that this property is only valid when creating a poll, but is ignored when updating a poll.



Specifies an additional data to accompany the poll. A use case might be to provide explanations for incorrect quiz answers.



Determines whether to allow users to make suggestions. (Default: false)



Determines whether to allow users to vote on more than one poll options. (Default: false)



Specifies the time when a poll has closed or will close in Unix seconds. If the value of this property is -1, the poll status remains open meaning that the poll will never close.


Through PollHandler, the Sendbird server always notifies whether your poll has been successfully created.

fun interface PollHandler {
    fun onResult(poll: Poll?, e: SendbirdException?)