Notifications UIKit v1
Version 1

By default, Sendbird Chat UIKit for Notifications provides two themes: Light and Dark for all templates and notification channels. But you can customize the theme to create your own brand identity on Sendbird Dashboard under Notifications > Theme. If you select the default theme when creating a new template on the dashboard, it uses the same global theme settings as the UIKit. See the guide below on how to change the UIKit's theme settings.

Set up the default global theme

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Chat UIKit iOS for Notifications provides two global themes: Light and Dark.

Light theme

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This is the default theme for all templates if another theme hasn't been specified.

SBUTheme.set(colorScheme: .light)

Dark theme

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The Dark theme can be applied as shown below:

SBUTheme.set(colorScheme: .dark)

Set custom fonts

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There are three different font styles that you can customize in notifications: size, weight, and FontFamily. Size refers to the font size of each character, whereas weight refers to the overall thickness of the character. FontFamily is a property that you can set within SBUFontSet to use custom fonts in notifications.

You can apply custom font size and weight to the theme of notification channels on the Theme page and templates on the Templates page in Sendbird Dashboard. To use custom fonts in your notification, refer to the code below. The custom font must already be set in FontFamily through AppDelegate when initializing Chat UIKit for Notifications.

SBUFontSet.FontFamily.notifications = "<FONT-FAMILY>"