Calls Platform API v1
Calls Platform API
Calls Platform API
Version 1


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This page contains the following information:

  • Timestamps: a 10 or 13 digit record of the time of the occurrence of certain action in a Sendbird application.
  • Page tokens: opaque strings which are used to point a specific index in a data set for pagination.


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Calls Platform API uses region-independent timestamps to record the time of when certain actions are performed in a Sendbird application. The timestamps take the form of Unix Time, mainly in milliseconds, which is a 13-digits number (for example, 1484012373521). A few resources, especially channels, contain timestamps in the form of seconds, which are 10-digits long. The length of the timestamp is specified in the parameter description in the API guide.

Note: Unix time may be checked on most Unix systems by typing date +%s on the command line.

Page tokens

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When querying a set of data, the Calls API uses page tokens to return results in small and continuous chunks. A page token is simply an encoded location within a list, and can be passed as an argument to a parameter to begin a query from that location.

Like the following, calling a List query with the parameters returns 20 or less items starting from the location encoded in next=YXYWRFBTQlArEUBXWFNeF2p2FEFdUA~~.


Note: The token parameter is used for pagination in Chat Platform API.

A List query typically returns a next field in the response body. This field contains the next page token, which can be used to load the next chunk of results. If this field is blank, the query has reached the end of its results.

Note: If a page token is not specified, the query is started from the beginning of the data set.