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Share screen during a live event

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Screen sharing allows hosts to seamlessly display their web screen throughout a live event. Using this feature, hosts can share more of their content with the participants by showing a specific app or window while live streaming.

To start screen sharing, hosts can click on the screen share button at the bottom of the HostView. They can either share their entire screen, window, or browser tab. In order to share their screen, hosts must have already started their live event.

Hosts can also choose from five different pre-set layouts to configure the position of the host's camera view within the screen share view. The available layout options are the following: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, and hidden camera view. The chosen layout will be displayed to all the participants.

The layout of the video views can be easily changed after screen sharing has already started by selecting the change layout button at the bottom of the HostView. To stop sharing their screen, hosts can click Stop sharing.