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SyncManager SDKs JS
SyncManager SDKs
Version 1

About SyncManager

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SyncManager for JavaScript is a Sendbird Chat SDK add-on for chat data synchronization that allows you to reliably cache group channels and messages in your JavaScript client app with minimal effort. When SyncManager is added to your client app, it listens to the events that happen in channels and messages in real-time and executes the background tasks to update the local cache with data queried from Sendbird server.

Note: Currently, SyncManager for JavaScript is only applicable to group channels. Soon, more funtionalities such as message threading, file message caching, open channels, and Supergroup channels will be supported.


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Simplified integration

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Sendbird SyncManager is designed to ensure quick and easy implementation that doesn’t require much effort. It can easily be added to your client app, so that you are able to benefit from all the advantages of our Chat SDK for JavaScript.

Better user experience

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SyncManager implements local data caching, meaning that group channels and messages are cached in local storage for fast loading in unstable network environments as well as data retrieval in offline mode.


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The minimum requirements for SyncManager for JavaScript are:

  • Node.js v10+
  • NPM v6+
  • Sendbird Chat SDK for JavaScript v3.0.115+

Supported browsers

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Apart from browsers that don’t provide IndexDB, SyncManager supports all browsers that Sendbird Chat SDK for JavaScript also supports. Since access to local storage is restricted during private browsing in Firefox or InPrivate in Edge, SyncManager automatically detects the browsing mode and uses memory-based cache instead.