Advanced Moderation Guide v1
Advanced Moderation Guide
Advanced Moderation Guide
Version 1

Review queue settings

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You can set up the actions that your agents can choose from in advance. This way, your agents can quickly and easily moderate messages in the Review Queue. These actions can be found in the Change action to the right of the ticket on the Review Queue detail screen. You can do so under your Application > Settings > Moderation > Advanced moderation.

Note: You can set a maximum of 10 actions.

You can also configure ticket-related settings for Review Queue as well.


Ticket list refresh interval

Set the interval of time for automatically refreshing the ticket list. When the list is refreshed, the tickets that have not been reviewed stay in the list. Only the tickets that a moderator has reviewed are replaced with new ones, if there are any un-reviewed tickets left in that queue.

Maximum number of tickets per moderator

Set the maximum number of tickets that can be allocated to a moderator at once.

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