AI Chatbot Platform API v3
AI Chatbot
Version 3

Get an AI chatbot

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Retrieves information on an AI chatbot.

HTTP request

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GET https://api-{application_id}{bot_userid}


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The following table lists the parameters that this action supports.

Parameter nameTypeDescription



Specifies the unique ID of a bot.


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If successful, this action returns a list of bot resources in the response body.

    "bot_callback_url": "",
    "is_privacy_mode": false,
    "enable_mark_as_read": true,
    "show_member": false,
    "channel_invitation_preference": 0,
    "created_at": 1686141160,
    "bot": {
        "bot_userid": "Janes_ai_assistant",
        "bot_nickname": "Jane's ai assistant",
        "bot_profile_url": "",
        "bot_require_auth_for_profile_image": false,
        "bot_metadata": {},
        "bot_token": "10f514b570affa358002ae1a3edcbb27cb5cd1f9",
        "bot_type": "AI assistant"
    "ai": {
        "backend": "chatgpt",
        "system_message": "You are a helpful assistant.",
        "temperature": 1.0,
        "max_tokens": 256,
        "top_p": 1.0,
        "presence_penalty": 0.0,
        "frequency_penalty": 0.0

In the case of an error, an error object is returned. A detailed list of error codes is available here.