AI Chatbot Platform API v3
AI Chatbot
Version 3

Start typing indicators

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The typing indicator API allows you to visually display when either the bot or another user is in the process of composing a message. This feature enhances real-time engagement and creates a more dynamic conversation. The API supports two key states: start, which signals that a user is typing, and stop, which indicates that they stopped typing. Utilizing the start state through this API, you can initiate the typing indicator whenever a user starts typing a message.


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  • This feature is only applicable to group channels.

  • When there are 100 or more members in a group channel, typing indicator events of up to two users are delivered to other users. Once typing indicator events of three or more users occur, the events aren't delivered to users.

HTTP request

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POST https://api-{application_id}{channel_url}/typing

Request body

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The following table lists the properties of an HTTP request that this action supports.

Property nameTypeDescription


array of strings

Specifies an array of IDs of users who are to use the typing indicator. You can list up to ten user IDs.

    "user_ids": ["kay", "lucha"]


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If successful, this action returns an empty response body.

In the case of an error, an error object like below is returned. See the error codes section for more details.

    "message": "\"User\" not found.",
    "code": 400201,
    "error": true