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Auto-translate messages

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Sendbird's auto-translation feature lets you send text messages in different languages. When sending a text message, set Array of language codes to a UserMessageCreateParams object and then pass the object as an argument to a parameter in the sendUserMessage(params:completionHandler:) method to request messages to be translated into the desired languages. With this, you can add a real-time translation feature to your app. To enable this feature, contact our sales team.

Note: Sendbird's message auto-translation feature is powered by Google Cloud Translation API recognition engine. You can find the language codes supported by the engine in the translation engine page. You can also visit the language support page in Google Cloud Translation.

let params = UserMessageCreateParams(message: MESSAGE_TEXT)
params.translationTargetLanguages = ["es", "ko"]   // Spanish and Korean

channel.sendUserMessage(params: params) { userMessage, error in
    guard error == nil else {
        // Handle error.

To show the translated messages, use the translations property of a UserMessage object, which has an Array object containing the language codes and translations as shown in the code below.

func channel(_ channel: BaseChannel, didReceive message: BaseMessage) {
    if let message = message as? UserMessage {
        let esTranslatedMessage = message.translations["es"]    // Spanish

        // Show translations in UI.